Thankful Thursday: Appreciation So Bright You Have to Wear Shades

Thankful Thursday: Appreciation So Bright You Have to Wear Shades

July 20, 2023

You will have to remove your shades to read these amazing notes of appreciation from our team members across the country, but it will be worth it!

Amanda Flannigan from OPS wants to recognize Megan Wittkower, Senior Hospital Manager: "Thank you for always going above and beyond to help and get things done in a timely fashion. You have grown so much in the last few months and I am excited to see your continuing growth!"

Kelly Cuttitta from Red Hill Animal Health Center, Carbondale, Colorado, wants to recognize Julia Teatro, Boarding Facility Manager: "Julia always goes to infinity and BEYOND.  She can help out in every single department in the practice.  She is a talented technician, manager, receptionist...she can do it all.  She is always available to help day or night and never says NO.  I was recently on my first vacation in a year and our phone system went down.  Julia managed to get things back up and running with a patch (and the help of our 3CX phone guru).  We truly could not do it without her!"

Haylee Murks from Animal Care Center of Hays County, San Marcos, Texas, wants to recognize Dr. Sydney Medina, DVM: "Dr.Medina works so hard and dedicates so much time and energy to her patients and staff members. She is an absolute rockstar no matter the circumstances! I wish everyone could be a little more like her!"

Kimberly Thornton from Tech Ridge Pet Hospital, Austin, Texas, wants to recognize the entire staff: "I LOVE MY STAFF! So thankful they are willing to change schedules when we need to give another staff member a break."

Cherie Guidry, DVM from Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic, Lynnwood, Washington, wants to recognize Allison Plummer, Vet Assistant: "Allison is always willing to pull extra shifts in the clinic.  For the past two weeks, she covered for our inventory manager while working full-time as an assistant and she also helped out in reception. Thank you, Allison!! We really appreciate you!"

Anna Grau (Thompson) from Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital, Waukesha, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Ed Zamora, HR: "Ed is always very helpful and quick to respond to helpdesk requests I have put in. He always adds in a ‘hope you have a great day’ or similar saying. Even something simple like asking how I am doing in addition to answering the question at hand does not go unnoticed! He has also sent follow-up messages to make sure everything got taken care of without any issues, etc.  He seems like he truly cares about the VetCor employees and enjoys his job. Thanks for all of your help Ed!"

Carrie Calmes from Ripon Veterinary Clinic, Ripon, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Jessica Drake, Vet Assistant: "Jessica is always there to help me with anything I need.  She is the type of person that will go out of her way to help any person or animal in need.  100% trusted friend and coworker."

Connie Anderson from Stone Mountain Animal Hospital, Stone Mountain, Georgia, wants to recognize Dr. Nicole Aponte, Chief of Staff: "She always takes the time to thank her staff for hard work and recognizes the many hours we all put in."

Jennifer Jones-Wood from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, Charleston, South Carolina, wants to recognize the amazing support staff: "I to give a shout out to the entire team at ACVC to everyone know how thankful I am for them. We have experienced quite a bit of change and growth lately and they have been stellar throughout the process. They truly are the best!"

Lisa White from Kalamazoo Cat Hospital, Kalamazoo, Michigan, wants to recognize Brittany Coffin, Assistant, Lead Receptionist, and Shayna McDermott Receptionist, Assistant: "Thank you for stepping up when needed, and for completing the Level 1 Fear Free Certification. Way to go Ladies!! (Yes, those are real cat face tattoos)"

Eric Detrick from Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Dr. Maria Albanese: "Dr. Albanese just celebrated her one-year anniversary with us. She is doing really well as a new Associate. She is always kind, asks great questions, and practices good medicine. Her surgery skills continue to grow. We are all proud of her!"

Nicole Curler from Auburn Animal Center, Auburn, Maine, wants to recognize Olivia Garant, Hospital Manager: "Oliva supports her team's growth and wellbeing in any way possible. She's developing a very strong healthy team!"

Nicole Curler also wants to recognize Rylee Young, Hospital Manager: "Rylee has taken on many challenges gracefully while smiling. She's developing into a strong leader in a short period of time."

Heidi Schoenecker from Animals Inc/Watkins Veterinary Clinic, Watkins, Minnesota, wants to recognize Dr. Casey Pawelk: "We have two brand new veterinarians who started in June. Dr. Casey has been an amazing mentor. Her natural understanding of mentorship, patience, and comprehensive teaching style, has been and continues to be absolutely instrumental in helping them transition from vet students to veterinarians. We are so appreciative of Dr. Casey's leadership!"

Lynsey Mohr from Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, wants to recognize the staff: "I would like to recognize my entire team. We are located 1/2 a mile from the beach and the summer is always our busiest season. Like many other clinics we are facing short staffing issues and it has been very hectic with the amount of non-client ER's that have walked into our doors. Every single staff member has handled the extra caseload with grace and I'm so so proud of each and every one of them. They show me every day what compassion is and they are a reminder of why this career path is so rewarding.

To my doctors- Dr. Hirsch (COS), Dr. Prettyman, Dr. Kohn, and Dr. Curro
Licensed Technicians- Alyssa, Danielle, Cydney, Tony, Sarah, Brittney, Victoria, and Amy  Technicians- Megan, Joyce, Jenna, and Nick
Assistants- Jennifer, Carla, Courtney, Evan, and Sam 
Receptionist- Dixie, Cindy, Sherri, and Tammy
Seasonal support- Olivia, Aaliyah, Debby, and Kaitlyn

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the incredible work that you do every day, you are so appreciated not only by myself but our surrounding community."

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, South Carolina, wants to recognize Erin Heighton, Regional Manager: "I would like to give a special shout-out to our new RM, Erin. Erin has already shown tremendous support to me. We are still without a full-time doctor and she has gone out of her way to help me. She found me a new contact for a relief vet, which worked out. She put me in touch with a very nice doctor, which in turn, gave me yet another contact! Thank you so much, Erin! I hope you are enjoying living in South Carolina!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Armadale Animal Hospital: "would like to thank all the techs at Armadale that have helped us out over the last several months.  They are all terrific and we enjoyed having them here.  Everyone is shorthanded and to have the extra help was a blessing.  Thanks again"

Emily Adams from Port Cities Animal Hospital, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Dr. Angela Madden-Heinzen, Chief of Staff: "I'd like to thank Dr. Madden-Heinzen for being a Rockstar COS, mentor, and friend. She has offered continuous and unlimited support for myself and the rest of the team. Her talent, guidance, and support have made an incredible impact on my personal and professional growth and have instilled in me a sense of confidence and belief in my abilities. Thank you Dr. Madden-Heinzen!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Lindi Renwick, Veterinary Assistant: "We have recently had most all of our kennel staff leave and Lindi has stepped up in a big way to help out in the kennel while still doing her job (very well I might add) as veterinary assistant.  She has gone above and beyond to make sure all of the dogs and cats are taken care of and our kennel area is safe and clean.  Lindi has a big heart and cares so much and we appreciate her more than she will ever know.  We couldn't have gotten through these past couple of weeks without her. She is a true rockstar and team player!"

Jessica Middleton from Mt Spokane Veterinary Hospital, Mead, Washington, wants to recognize Larissa Sutter, Hospital Manager: "Larissa has been learning the management side of things and is doing amazing! Any project or task that is given to her is handled like a pro. She works with staff and clients with grace and great professionalism. We are so proud of her!"

Jamie Bernard from We Care Animal Hospital, Clintonville, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Dr.  Michelle Immel, Chief of Staff: "Want to thank Dr. Michelle for all of her hard work and for the support she gives our team. Thank you for always giving 110% and being part of the management team for our staff!"

David Gagnon from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Pamela Draheim, DVM: "Dr. Draheim made a big change from the large animal world to the small animal world about two years ago. She's been an asset to our clinic, has a can-do attitude, and is always striving to learn and improve her skills. Her personality jives well with our team."

Elizabeth Dewhirst from Tara Animal Hospital, Colleyville, Texas, wants to recognize Amanda Flannigan, Regional Manager: "Thank you to Amanda for being such an awesome RM (for the time we had you). We always felt like you were on our side and had our backs. We appreciate you and we will miss you! Come to Colleyville for dinner sometime soon!"

Carley Papst from Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital, Wexford, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Bridget Gelly, Veterinary Technician: "Bridget has been so helpful and hardworking in the last few weeks helping with our Pet Hotel. She has gone the extra mile to help me during our staff shortages by picking up extra shifts, coming in on her days off, and just rocking it! I don't know what I would do without her! Thank you SO much Bridget!"

Brittany Klopp from Central Animal Hospital, Petaluma, California, wants to recognize Monique Els, Vet Assistant: "Monique is always such a ray of sunshine and always willing to help out where needed! Thank you for all you do :)"

Jenny Driscoll from Norwell Service Center, Norwell, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Tracy Emara, Business Development: "Just wanted to give Tracy for helping me with the Norwell Pride event. Tracy flew in and immediately started helping out with errands and projects. It was very much appreciated!

I also just wanted to give one last shout-out to everyone at the Norwell Service Center, the MA/RI hospital teams, and everyone who helped with an amazing Norwell Pride event! Thank you!!"

Nicole Desrosiers from Lincoln Animal Hospital, Lincoln, Rhode Island, wants to recognize Greg Stecker, Chief of Staff: "I want to clarify some things, poor Greg was dubbed the golden boy when he came on as an associate at LAH. There are reasons he is treated the way he is, 1) He's the only guy, poor man gets no reprieve from the wild women we can all be throughout the work day. 2) When he came on we were just working out the grooves of losing multiple doctors and wanting the revamp our medicine. This man took it and ran with it. We have become a place clients are stampeding to get in the door. 3) His compassion for vetmed is undeniable, he works through lunch, is often in the building for over 30 minutes after everyone else is gone calling clients to check in on pets, he GENUINELY cares about. He works with owners financially to make the best plan for their pets. Even though the HM tells him he's going to burn out - his response "he enjoys it". 4) He has become COS because he believes in this team, this hospital, and the pets/clients and he has taken us as staff to the next level and I appreciate that! 5) He lets us wreck his place every year for the holiday party. I could keep going but you get the jist, so yes, I will buy him his fancy suture, his wacky instruments I can't even pronounce (or spell), and offerings of gum and whatever else dubs him "golden boy". Thanks for all you do!”

Kimberly Rich from Wabash Valley Animal Hospital, Terre Haute, Indiana, wants to recognize Wendy Watson, Technician: "Wendy is a very caring individual.  She goes out of her way to make sure that all the pets that are in our care are taken care of.  She is our go-to person when it comes to cats.  She has a heart of gold.  I value her as an employee.  There isn't another one like her."

Alannah Labesky from OPS wants to recognize Megan Plucinski, Hospital Manager: "A special thank you to Megan for joining me at the new Verona location.  She trained the front desk team on scratchpay and everyone enjoyed having your guidance.  Great job! So happy to have you on our team!"

Kaity Blackburn from Business Development wants to recognize Shannon Sullivan, Marketing: "Kelly Savarino and I would like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to Shannon Sullivan for all her hard work making our first Canadian tradeshow at CVMA in Quebec City such a success. We were under tight timing from the beginning since we secured a spot last minute and navigated challenges such as cross-border shipping, this being our first time exhibiting, etc. Shannon didn't let any of that impact and provided incredible support. We are grateful!"

Justine Wood-Graves  from SoCal Vet, Woodland Hills, California, wants to recognize Dr. Pauline Perry: "We want to recognize Dr. Perry for always being a stellar team player, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to do her best for her patients and for our team."

Justine also wants to recognize Monica Estrada, Veterinary Assistant: "Monica has been a steady, even-keeled, and reliable person for over TEN years at SoCal Vet. Monica's skills and talent help support our team through thick and thin. Thank you, Monica!!!"

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, California, wants to recognize the whole IT Team, but especially Robert, David, and Peter!: "We went paperlite on July 3rd, and it has been a PROCESS! A week before we were scheduled to go live, one of our main computers completely died and needed a new hard drive. It was still under warranty, so Dell sent out a technician who didn't entirely fix the problem, but the IT team walked me through it and saved the day, as they always do. I'm so thankful for them! You are all superstars, I appreciate you so much!"

Connie Stevens from Norwich Regional Animal Hospital, White River Junction, Vermont, wants to recognize Tiffany Hitlz, Veterinary Assistant: "Tiffany has been an absolute rock star these past few months. We have been short staffed and she was there through it all ready to jump in and do what was needed, even after she injured her ankle - twice.  We couldn't have gotten through it all without her!!"

Julie Hogue from Windermere Animal Hospital, Fishers, Indiana, wants to recognize Dawn Conklin IT Support: "Dawn spent a whole day working and troubleshooting our server issue and got it resolved."

Ali Laing from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Richmond Heights, Ohio, wants to recognize Alannah Labesky, Regional Manager: "Thank you Alannah for all of your support and guidance."

Hunter Reed from Animal Medical Center, Mansfield, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Rachael Bils: "She is always on time, has a great attitude, and I can always count on her. She also gives extraordinary care to each of her patients!"

Kelly Buckley from Tech Recruiting wants to recognize Ryan Fox, Tech Recruiting: "I want to thank Ryan Fox for all of the great work he has done for the tech recruiting team.  Ryan is dedicated, hard-working, open to new ideas, and is able to roll with the punches in our ever-evolving department. He goes out of his way to support our management teams, is constantly building on his creativity, and can easily find humor in any situation.  I couldn't do it without you, Ryan!"

LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, Georgia, wants to recognize Mark Allen, Regional Manager: "Thank you Mark for all your hard work as our Regional Manager. We will miss you, good luck with your new responsibilities."

Jodi McDowell from Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic, Stahlstown, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize the entire team: "I want to thank the entire team at LVC.  The past month has been full of challenges and changes and they have been so great working together to get the job done!  Thank you so much!"

Liz Hall from OPS wants to recognize Dr. Chancey, COS, Dr. O'Neill, COS,  Amanda Boerckel, HM, and Zach Parker, HM at Horton Animal Hospital-Discovery: "This hospital has been faced with a lot of challenges lately, but these leaders continue to strive to make their hospital as successful as possible! They care deeply about their patients AND their amazing staff. They have put in a lot of extra effort lately and it's definitely appreciated!"

Mallory Joyner from Ambassador Animal Hospital, Fayetteville, North Carolina, wants to recognize Debbie Latta, CCS: "Debbie, one of our receptionists, has been doing an amazing job holding down the fort up front since we have been short-staffed. She also will help our groomer by cleaning up her area when she is in a bind."

Mallory also wants to recognize Tiffeny Philips, Veterinary Assistant: "Tiffeny, one of our veterinary assistants, is very helpful to her coworkers by starting rooms when the appointment tech gets behind and helping up front by putting phones on hold. She is always polite towards staff members and gentle with the animals.”

Sandi Bynaker and Rayna Patten from Gaithersburg Animal Hospital, Gaithersburg, Maryland, want to recognize the entire dedicated team of Doctors, Receptionists, Nurses, and Management: "They have put in numerous long hours and have gone above and beyond to help keep this busy practice running."

Deanna Dorer from Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to recognize Laura Mays, RM: "Laura has been SO helpful to me as a new HM! She is always there whenever I have a question, or concern or just to check-in. I have never felt bad for not knowing something I have had to ask her. She is really easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable!! I always enjoy talking to her and running ideas by her!"

Marianne Quigley from Cat Care, Rochester Hills, Michigan, wants to recognize Meg Weiss, Veterinary Assistant: "Meg has grown exponentially since starting at Cat Care 9 months ago. She is confident and helpful. Meg is eager to learn AND teach. She is an essential part of our team!"

Crystal Smith from Middletown Veterinary Hospital and Ani-Mall Pet Hospital, Middletown, New York, wants to recognize the entire staff of Middletown Veterinary Hospital and Ani-Mall Pet Hospital: "Middletown-Thank you to all the Doctors and staff that I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 9 years. Thank you for everything you have taught me. I wouldn’t be half the tech without all of you. Thank you for being my family, and I will miss all of you as I begin my new journey at Ani-Mall.

Ani-Mall - I want to thank the Doctors and staff for being so welcoming and for making me feel like I’m a part of the team. They have all been so helpful and have been great at answering my questions as I learn the ins and outs of a new hospital. They have each been so amenable to teaching new things and learning new things in the process. Each of them brings their unique traits and perspectives to the table. I am excited to be joining their team full-time.”

Terina Dobson from Poland Animal Hospital, Poland, Maine, wants to recognize Keisha Bushey, Veterinary Technician: "Keisha joined our team earlier this year and hit the ground running. Not only is she a skilled technician, she has taken on the role of training our new team members. Her positive attitude is contagious and I always smile when I hear her cheering them on throughout the day! Due to employee turnover, we hired THREE new assistants this summer and she faced this challenge with a smile. I am proud to say as I type this, all three employees are able to confidently work individually and as a team. She encourages questions and is constantly checking in with them, and never sets them free to do a task they are not fully comfortable doing. Thank you Keisha for being such a great employee, co-worker, and role model!"

Kai Coll from Creature Comforts, Las Vegas, Nevada, would like to recognize the following people: 

Jen Shinton, Lead Remote LVT: "Jen is our Lead Remote LVT and makes a huge impact on our clients and team every day. Jen works diligently with our remote techs to ensure they have the skill and confidence to provide the highest level of care to our clients and Doctors. Jen's positive attitude and supportive and caring nature make her a great leader. Our team is lucky to have someone so passionate about the practice and our patients."

Laura Mays, Regional Manager: "Creature Comforts Team would like to recognize Laura Mays. She is our new Regional Manger and we could not be more delighted to work with her. Her passion and love for her practices show in all of her actions and communications. Laura takes the time to get to know our team, attend our leadership meetings, and support us with all of our questions and needs. Thank you Laura for being a great leader and for your efforts in creating a bond with our hospital. We can't wait to see you on your next visit!"

Bri Mojica, Vet Technician: "Congrats to Bri for being accepted into a Vet Tech Program. We are thrilled for Bri and know she will be highly successful on her journey. Bri is dedicated to her growth and education. It has been an honor to watch her growth and we are cheering her along every step of the way. Bri will make an incredible LVT and we are so fortunate to have her as part of our team."

Manda Santos, LVT: "Our remote team would like to recognize Manda Santos. She is a Remote LVT and is also our Discharge Queen! Manda contacts all of our clients before pickup to provide education, go over medication, and answer all of the client's questions. This makes a huge impact on our onsite team and allows them to focus on our in-hospital patients. Manda goes above and beyond to assist our onsite team and clients in providing the highest level of patient care possible. 

The Remote Team: "I would like to recognize our remote team of Licensed Techs and Client Service Representatives. Our remote team members are absolutely remarkable in the way we utilize technology to grow our practice and facilitate excellent client and patient care. Our hospital runs more efficiently thanks to the remote team. They answer questions for our onsite team, assist doctors with call back and client education, and above all they are extremely dedicated to our patients and clients. They ensure a phenomenal experience and make a difference every day"

Natasha Weissmann, LVT: "Natasha is one of our newest LVTs at our hospital. The saying that someone hits the ground running was absolutely created to describe Natasha. Every time I meet with a team member they are raving about Natasha's training, education, and willingness to teach other team members. In addition, Natasha appreciated our culture so much she referred two new team members to our hospital. Natasha's impact on our team, clients, and culture cannot go unmentioned. Her passion and heart are phenomenal. She brings sunshine into the practice with her every time she walks through the doors. Natasha actively works on improving everything around her. She sets an amazing example of a growth mindset through her actions. Natasha's positivity inspires our team."

The Remote Team at Creature Comforts, Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to recognize Kelsey Hilderbran, LVT: "Our remote team would like to recognize Kelsey Hildebran, Remote LVT. Kelsey offers endless support to our team members and clients. The education she provides is above standards. Kelsey goes above and beyond to create flow charts and triage charts to help her team in providing the highest level of client and patient care. Her efforts make an impact on our team every day. Kelsey is studying to become a DVM and is always eager and willing to share the knowledge she is acquiring. Our team is very excited to be a part of your journey Kels and we can't wait to see the incredible Doctor you become!"

Kimberly Wilson from Dunham Animal Hospital, Winter Haven, Florida, wants to recognize Brianna Voight, Veterinary Technician: "Brianna has been a huge help to the HM, COS, and lead technician with implementing updated surgical procedures, monitoring forms, and new staff member training!"

Alyssa Ferguson from Creature Comforts, Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to recognize Skyler Patterson, Kennel Tech: "I would like to recognize Skyler, a stellar Kennel Tech! Skyler truly cares about every patient and team member at our hospital. He actively looks for ways to improve the care we provide and our efficiency in the kennel department. He is incredibly attentive to our boarders and treats all of our boarders as if they were his own pet."

Brandy Anselmo from Creature Comforts, Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to recognize the Greeter Team: "I would like to recognize our team of greeters, Hailee, Abigail, Alexias, Rachael, Hannah, Katie, and Jason. Our greeter team provides the first impression to our clients when they arrive. They work hard to create a memorable experience while offering assistance and support to our clients and patients. Our greeter team keeps our appointments on track and they are a key part of our internal communication between reception and treatment departments. Their service allows makes a great impact on the efficiency of our team and we could not do it without them!"

The Creature Comforts Leadership Team, Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to recognize Emmalee MacDavid, CSR: "Our leadership team would like to recognize Emmalee MacDavid, CSR. She is always available to offer her assistance and support in every department and to our clients. Her positive attitude and commitment to her personal growth and the growth of the hospital sets a great example for all. Thank you Emmalee for all that you do every day for our team, patients, and clients."