Thankful Thursday: Sending Love and Appreciation

Thankful Thursday: Sending Love and Appreciation

February 16, 2023

Feeling the love this month! Our team members continue to make an impact on each other. Take a look, you might have gotten a shout-out.

Becky Hebert from Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic, Portland, Maine, wants to recognize Rachel Poth, Central Support, and the team at BSVC: "I want to appreciate Rachel and the entire team at BSVC for taking care of everything while I was away on maternity leave.  They kept everything operating smoothly and I know that I couldn't have felt so relaxed being away from work as long as I was without all of them!"

Becky Burnett from the Service Center wants to recognize Jenny (Jennifer) Driscoll, Central Support: "I am a Legacy PPV import and Jenny has been a HUGE help training me and helping me get up to speed on new processes. I know training me AND working to cover for a team member out on leave has been stressful but they have handled it with poise and their smile are still intact. Jenny, THANK YOU! (and thank you for sharing Rufus with us so we all can bask in his amazing kitty glory :-)"

Mark Beck from Amsterdam Animal Hospital, Amsterdam, New York, wants to recognize Terra Soucy, LVT: "After losing 2 assistants, Terra has been doing all of their work, as well as her own, all by herself. Making for long and busy days. This added work hasn't slowed her down and she continues to provide exceptional care and service."

Jane Haza, CVPM from Hope Veterinary Clinic, Columbus, Indiana, wants to recognize Claire Scgalski, Vet Assistant: "[For] Jumping to clean up messes so that no one else has to!"

Phyllis Jacobs from Lassiter Animal Hospital, Marietta, Georgia, wants to recognize Ashley Johns, CCR: "Ashley is always willing to help out if we are short-handed. She goes out of her way to help our clients with anything they need. She is always in a happy [mood]. Doesn't complain. She is a blessing to have at the clinic."

Dorinda Odell from Tarpon Animal Hospital, Tarpon Springs, Florida, wants to recognize Meredith Beltinck, Practice Support Coordinator: "Meredith has been so helpful in making the transition. She has helped me get through some stressful events. She answers all my questions and I have had many! Thank you!!"

Jessica Elliott from Ark Animal Hospital, Boiling Springs, South Carolina, wants to recognize Abby Moss, Vet Assistant: "For jumping out of her comfort zone and growing as an assistant excelling in patient care and client communication."

Heather Stevens from Trusty Vet, Huntsville, Alabama, wants to recognize Veronica Brower, Lead Tech: "For always wanting to better the practice in every way possible."

Jodi Smoley from Primary Pet Care, Stow, Ohio, wants to recognize David Foley and the legal team: "A shout out to David and the legal team for helping put together some forms we needed for our clinic! He was able to develop a surgical consent form that can be used in VetCor clinics and offer us some uniformity while making sure our DVMs, clinics, and teams are protected. I appreciate your attention to detail!!! I am looking forward to more nuggets of info and help as we dive deeper into what we actually have our clients sign."

Jodi Smoley from Gateway Animal Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, wants to recognize the entire Gateway team!: "I cannot put into words how much I enjoy knowing all of you. Thank you for being so individually you! This year is going to be an incredible one :)"

Danielle Mercado from Leland Vet Clinic, Mableton, Georgia, wants to recognize Kelsey Alberti, Assistant HM: "Kelsey has been so helpful with all of the changes going on in the clinic as well as the corporate level changes. She goes above and beyond and does it with so much enthusiasm! We truly appreciate her, and we hope she feels it!"

Terina Dobson from Poland Animal Hospital, Poland, Maine, wants to recognize Kelly Buckley, Tech Recruiting: "Kelly is my new hero! After losing two of our team members in December (a big hit to our really small team), we scheduled a video call where she taught me all things Indeed, helped me change our ad from boring to fun(!), and she even gave me ideas for small changes that would attract staff AND keep staff happy. We are too small for a breakroom but I was able to rearrange my kennel room to add a stocked beverage and snack bar, a water cooler, and an interactive whiteboard. That new ad generated more responses than any of my previous ads, and we found TWO new team members. Thank you, Kelly! I finally have my ‘dream team’ : )"

Julie Moodoyan from The Animal Hospital at Southwood, Tallahassee, Florida, wants to recognize Jennifer Jones, HM: "Jen is absolutely amazing at motivating our staff and making sure that they are supported. I wouldn't know what to do without her. Thank you, Jen, for always putting our staff members first!"

Pamela Daly from Willard Veterinary Clinic, Quincy, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Krista Iacono, HM: "Valuable help and advice you have given me."

Jennifer Driscoll from the Service Center wants to recognize Steven Ramsdell, Finance: "Just wanted to recognize them for all their assistance with Reminders and Skyworld questions. You're always a huge help! Thank you!!"

Jennifer also wants to recognize Becky Burnett, Central Support: "Just wanted to thank Becky for joining the fast-paced Central Support team with ease! It's been great having you join the team!"

Gina from Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa wants to recognize Lauren Caris and Cara Ophus both CSRs: "What an awesome job these two did holding down the fort with the other CSR  on a 10 days cruise and the other CSR quit unexpectedly. Way to go you two!! You Rock!!"

Tessie Sloan from Midlothian Veterinary Clinic, Midlothian, Texas, wants to recognize Lela Blackstock, Vet Assistant: "Lela is amazing, she is always willing to help and does so without anyone asking a good bit of the time.   Lela has proven herself to be a fast learner and has worked her way up from a kennel helper to our Chief of Staff's go-to tech.   She has learned how to run the surgery schedule and suite and does so with a smile on her face. Lela is a great example of how hard work and success go hand in hand.  My only wish is to have more employees like her!"

Sean Sornsin from the OPS team wants to recognize Laura Mays, RM: "Laura has been so helpful to both local level practices not only in her home state of Colorado but all over the country. Her willingness to step in and help where help is needed is much appreciated.  She's been helping new partners and leaders as they joined VetCor during the integration process and has excelled at it!  She is just so easy to work with, flexible in her approach, an excellent listener, and someone who seeks the answers for anything her teams need.  She is really passionate about the veterinary field, the animals we serve, their pet parents, and the teams in the hospitals.  She is a leader I would enjoy working with and for in my days working at the hospital level.  I am really glad she is part of our operations team!"

Barbara Disney from Milwood Animal Clinic, Portage, Michigan, wants to recognize Amanda Baxter, LVT: "Amanda has taken on the employee scheduling in addition to her LVT duties and is doing a fantastic job at it - we all know how challenging it can be!"

Jessica Timmins from Middletown Veterinary Hospital, Middletown, New York, wants to recognize Alysha Hedding, LVT: "Alysha has taken on the role of surgical scheduler for our hospital. She works with our doctors and clients to find a day that's best for everyone. She takes the time to answer questions and go over the procedures with clients. She comes in every day with a smile and can-do attitude. She is an absolute joy to work with!"

Amy Klotz RVT from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Sara Miesse, DVM: "We had a 4th-year Vet Student extern with us for 2 weeks and Dr. Miesse was exceptionally patient and was a fantastic mentor to the student while she was with us."

Mandy Billyos from Chico Hospital for Cats, Chico, California, wants to recognize Jan Yaroslav RVT, VTS: "The passion you display at work is such a value that cannot be learned and an ability that cannot be taught.  Thanks for your commitment to the patients, clients, and the hospital."

Hunter Reed from Crossroads Animal Hospital, Strongsville, Ohio, wants to recognize Leslie Pagano, RVT Lead Tech: "She has stepped up into the Lead Tech role and excelled. I can always trust that she will get the job done! Her love for the practice shows in the work she accomplishes daily! I am so thankful for her!"

Wanda Denslow, HM from Ocoee Animal Hospital, Blue Ridge, Georgia, wants to recognize Cole Dilbeck, Vet Assistant/Maintenance: "We are so glad to have Cole back on staff after a little "hiatus". He's a gentle giant who is a great support for our tech team, a calming force for our patients, and a huge help with keeping up with our maintenance and safety compliance. Cole balances it all with a smile on his face."

Jessica Lee from Regional Manager in Texas, Richland Hills, Texas, wants to recognize Melanie Benson, HM: "Melanie just celebrated her 8th anniversary with Penny Paws, and we are so lucky to have her as the HM of our Richland Hills Clinic!  Mel started with us as a receptionist when she moved to Texas from England and had never worked in an animal hospital before.  Mel is an amazing HM and keeps the Richland Hills clinic running like a dream!  She also helps to train all of the new Penny Paws HMs and regularly takes on special projects. Thank you Mel for all you do for pets and the people that love them!"

Wanda Denslow, HM from Ocoee Animal Hospital, Blue Ridge, Georgia, wants to recognize Robin Boehning (Kennel Manager), Machelle Alsobrook (Animal Caretaker), and Aaron Kimsey (Animal Caretaker): "Meet our kennel team! These 3 ladies are amazing! Recently, we had an influx of dogs who were taken from a hoarding situation, with a majority being unsocialized. This team worked with each of these dogs to keep them calm and comfortable until they could be transported to a rescue. By the time the dogs left our facility, the kennel team had built trust with each one and was able to interact/handle them with ease. This kennel team is extremely caring and works together well and it shows in how our boarders react when they arrive at our facility for boarding...lots of happy tails! We are lucky to have each one of these ladies on our Ocoee Animal Hospital Staff!!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Amy Douglas, Lead Receptionist: "In addition to Lead Receptionist, Amy’s title should also say Jack of all trades. She can do pretty much anything in the clinic. She is our go-to IT person. She can help in the back when needed. Amy is also very good with crafts and decorating. She took the time out of her weekend to create our version of the “Spread the love challenge” for our staff. Her positive attitude and caring demeanor are always present and great for staff morale."

Allison Eddleman from South Anderson Veterinary Clinic, Anderson, Indiana, wants to recognize Jasmine, Veterinary Assistant: "Jasmine, in short, is one tough cookie! She always does a great job taking initiative in getting things around the office done, facing the special clients and patients, and regularly volunteers to come in to help when we are down a person. We are grateful to have her on the Team!"

Mallory Redman from Ambassador Animal Hospital, Fayetteville, North Carolina wants to recognize Annah Cartagena, Vet Assistant: "I wanted to recognize Annah Cartagena, a veterinary assistant who has stepped up by helping to complete and submit health certificates; it is quite the task! She has been excelling having completed her vet assistant certification online and now starting veterinary technician school online. She is much appreciated!"

Mallory Redman also wants to recognize Debbie Latta, CCS: "I wanted to recognize Debbie Latta, CCS. She has volunteered to help the kennel staff out by cleaning the floors at the end of the day and emptying the trash cans so that the kennel staff could get off on time. Her willingness to help out the other positions and team work ethic are very appreciated!"

Kurt Rossebo from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Becca Lange, CVT, HM: "When you have the right person in a position, you just know and feel it. That's the way we all feel about Becca. She juggles CVT work (and is a dynamo with anesthesia) with Hospital manager duties with nary a complaint.  She is always upbeat and willing to lend a hand anywhere.  And I don't know how she does it, but often when you ask her to do something, it is done immediately.  Truly amazing! We want her to keep working here forever!"

Jacqueneise Davis-Polynice from The Cat Hospital of Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Florida, wants to recognize Asya Tran, Vet Assistant: "Asya is a wonderful person, team player, and hard worker. She is able to transition into different positions when needed. She does not hesitate when called upon. Every day, she strives to her best ability to provide care to our clients and fur babies (kittens/cats). Thank You, Asya Tran."

Marissa Day from Gwinnett Animal Clinic, Lawrenceville, Georgia, wants to recognize Cheri Huth, Veterinary Assistant/CSR: "Cheri is always a team player and has the best attitude every day. She makes everyone around her smile! She works hard and is always willing to fill in any position needed in the clinic without any complaints! We are so lucky to have you as part of our team Cheri!"

Megan Wittkower from Zippivet, Kyle, Texas, wants to recognize the following people:

Jennifer Crepeau, HM: "January has been off to a busy start with lots of changes and Jennifer is taking everything in stride and showing tremendous growth. I am proud to support her!"

Christie Stryker, HM: "January is off to a busy start with lots of changes. Christie always handles everything with such professionalism. She continues to amaze me with her leadership and I am proud to be able to support her!"

Mae Moorhead, HM: "January is off to a busy start with lots of changes. Mae has many moving parts right now and she is handling everything with such a positive attitude. She is a creative problem solver and I am proud to be able to support her!"

Danielle Gutierrez, HM: "2023 is off to a busy start with lots of changes. Danielle has learned so much since joining Zippivet in 2022 and now in 2023 I have seen her grow and handle all the day-to-day wonderfully.  I am proud to be able to support her!"

Bailey Perryman from All Animals Veterinary Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize the following people:

Bethany Tedder, RVT: "Bethany has grown so much in her time with All Animals and always goes above and beyond for clients. She always takes the extra steps to make sure the clients feel heard and cared for during their pet's visits. Thanks so much, Bethany!"

Dr. Bre Souza: "Dr. Souza has brought new life into our amazing hospital! She is loud and fun and always ready to take on the next challenge. We are so happy to have her on our team!"

Angela Oldham, Technician: "Angela has been such a strong, driving force with our tech team! We have all learned so much from her and she has helped to strengthen our surgical team so much in the last year."

Morgan Santana, CCR: "Morgan is a CCR POWERHOUSE! As our only full-time receptionist, she keeps our trains running and on time. Every client knows and loves Morgan. She clearly cares very deeply about every patient who walks through our doors. She is very loving and kind to everyone who comes to us, and I am always impressed by her never-ending goodness."

Allyson Mihalko from High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to recognize the entire VetCor team from everyone at my hospital all the way up to our senior hospital manager and regional manager: "I recently went through a very difficult personal situation. The entirety of our VetCor Team from my hospital up to the senior hospital manager as well as the regional manager was the most amazing support I could've ever asked for.  We are family and I am so blessed to have them all in my life. I feel so lucky."