TechLife: Dental Tech Training for Experienced Techs

TechLife: Dental Tech Training for Experienced Techs

July 27, 2023

TechLife is adding to their list of in-person regional training events in order to meet the needs of our veterinary technicians. Led by Sarah Farina, LVT, Technician Training Mentor, Goosepond Hospital, the inaugural regional training last year set the stage for growth and excitement around this level of support for our techs. Earlier this year, TechLife helped orchestrate the outreach to other technicians in the Virginia/Maryland region for training that covered four sessions. 

This past spring Liz Brooks and Nicole Frank, both Regional Managers, ran a very successful training that covered aspects of dentistry for more experienced techs. There were 16 techs from southern NJ hospitals including Cinnaminson Animal Hospital, Cologne Animal Hospital, Raritan Animal Hospital, Lawrence Animal Hospital, Family Veterinary Services, Millburn Veterinary Hospital, Cresskill Animal Hospital, Hoboken Animal Hospital, and Cedar Brook Animal Hospital. The event was graciously hosted by the Raritan hospital team.  

Liz explained, “We had three different rotations. The first rotation was led by Dr. Jankowski, COS of Clementon Animal Hospital and COS Advisor for the NJ/PA region, where he reviewed dental disease, client education, staging, and general dental information. The second rotation was dental radiographs where the techs could practice techniques and take images of cadavers. The third rotation was with a live patient where the techs could scale/polish a quadrant of the pet's mouth. This rotation was great to put dental charting to the test!” 

TechLife is excited to announce that there will be another training session this October in New Jersey for assistants and new techs. The focus will be on basic skill building and will help new team members in that region get off to a great start in their careers.

Tech training and education continues to be one of the top priorities for TechLife. We are excited about this growing initiative and can’t wait to report on what comes next. There are also online education opportunities including VTNE trivia nights that are open to all techs whether they are studying for the VTNE, a vet assistant, or a seasoned technician. If you are a VetCor tech and are interested in finding out more about mentoring in your practice or about the regional training initiative, connect with your teammates on the TechLife Facebook group