Technician’s Pursuing Their Passions

Technician’s Pursuing Their Passions

October 19, 2022

The technicians in our network have the ability to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge with each other through our TechLife group. This platform allows open communication and can help to inspire and motivate our techs to pursue their passions. 

Many of our techs have sought further education to become a specialist while others have dedicated themselves to mastering a particular set of skills. There are many talented techs who have followed their passions to become their practices’ “go-to” person in their respective specialties.

At Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital in Niles, IL, technician Michele Steinke has a passion for anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring. She is known as an incredibly capable and skilled tech to her team and clients. When asked about her career path Michele said, “I started working more with surgeries as my career grew. I expanded my knowledge of surgery by being more involved in monitoring different surgeries.” Michele goes on to say that what she likes most about being a technician is being able to cuddle with the cute puppies and kittens and knowing she can help them. She added, “It makes me feel good inside and proud to be able to give a form of comfort to clients so they can know that their animals are in good hands.” 

Motivated by her love for learning, Angela Arthurs, Lead Technician at Finger Lakes Animal Hospital in Canandaigua, NY became a certified specialist and a member of the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Clinical Practice. Angela helps drive improved utilization of technicians with specialties and other veterinary technicians. 

Angela let us know how she chose her specialty, “I chose Clinical Practice-Canine/Feline because that is the scope of practice I happen to be in. This specialty has a mix of everything that a technician is capable of doing.” Angela added, “I really like working with the animals the most. The best rewards are the kitty cat head boops and the doggie kisses you get when they feel comfortable knowing that you are helping them.”

Each of our technicians is an important part of their practice teams. It is a privilege to have such dedicated individuals caring for our patients. If you are a VetCor tech and are interested in learning more about connecting with peers to find or follow your passion, check out the TechLife Facebook group