Student Programs Update

Student Programs Update

July 11, 2023

Our student programs fulfill the call to contribute to and support the next generation of veterinarians on their journey. We have a nationwide team of experienced vets who love to teach and are passionate about mentorship. They support the students who are already working in our network as well those currently in vet school. Through our student programs we help connect our vets with veterinary students through events, summer jobs, and externships. 

There were two no-pressure NAVLE events for fourth year students seeking some extra prep this past school year. Elizabeth Hodge, DVM, DACVIM designed and hosted these events. Over 200 students were able to have a little bit of fun while brushing up on their knowledge with an experienced veterinarian who enjoys teaching and serves as a mentor to our new veterinarian graduates.

In the spring, student programs held a successful panel event sharing advice and real world experiences related to making the most of externships and summer jobs. Four of our vets joined: Dr. Stephanie Poole, El Cid Animal Clinic, Dr. Jessie Nelson, Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, Dr. Jade Rathmann, Greenville Veterinary Clinic, and Dr. Nicole Wilson, Cinnaminson Animal Hospital. Dr. Poole shared, “I have had many positive experiences as a veterinarian working for VetCor, but the one I remember the most is the vet student panel. As a practicing veterinarian, people regularly ask you about your profession but it's not often you are able talk to burgeoning vet professionals who desire to be in their life where you are in yours.”

If you are a vet student, we hope to see you in the fall at some of the career fairs and other school events. Stop by and say hello! In the meantime, you can sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our student programs as well as other initiatives.