Staying in the VetCor Network Even as Life Changes

Staying in the VetCor Network Even as Life Changes

April 28, 2022

Flexibility can make the world of difference in life. Some situations require us to adapt in order to make things work, but sometimes we just feel the need to make a change. Whatever the reason, the VetCor network allows employees to explore opportunities at other VetCor practices through transferring.

The process starts with a conversation at the practice level and is supported by our Operations team which has the ability to identify openings or upcoming needs of other practices. Though it is always sad to see team members leave, there is joy in seeing a valued employee making a move to better their career, gain new experiences, or achieve a better work-life balance.

Dr. Clare Flanagan, DVM was a part of Muddy Creek Animal Care Center in Rowley, MA until she felt the pull to be closer to family, “I transferred because my husband and I were moving to be closer to my family and I felt that transferring to another VetCor hospital would be a good option so I could keep my benefits and continue a good relationship with the company.” She had heard about the option of transferring from a colleague and opened up a conversation about it with her COS and HM at Muddy Creek, “My COS helped by initially reaching out to his manager who got me in touch with the recruiter, Sara Diamond, who helped me find possible options for transfer and got me in touch with those clinics.” Moving is hard enough and we were happy to make this part of Dr. Flanagan’s transition smooth, “Overall the transfer process was pretty easy and I was glad to be able to continue working for VetCor and maintain my relationship with this company going forward.” Dr. Flanagan is now a part of the Willard Veterinary Clinic in Quincy, MA.

Kacee Cochran was a vet assistant at Animal Hospital of Gordon County in Calhoun, GA but started to think of ways she could still work at a VetCor practice but move out of her hometown, “I really wanted to grow as a person and to expand my skills and knowledge at a new clinic.” With the help and support of her practice team and the Operations team, things really came together, “I found out I could transfer from my previous office manager, Keri Garland. The main people who helped make the transfer possible were Keri, my current office manager Marsha Bustamente, and our regional manager Mark Allen. Mark helped us all out and made it really easy on all of us.” Kacee also shared what it was like adjusting to her new practice, Red Bank Animal Hospital Chattanooga, TN, “Settling in at Red Bank was a breeze. All of my coworkers welcomed me with open arms and made me feel very appreciated. I have already learned a lot from my new coworkers and they are always willing to help me with anything I need.”

The value of the VetCor network lies in the support we provide to our practice staff. The talent, drive, and compassion within the network allow us the flexibility to meet the individual needs of our employees.  If you want to learn more about transferring, please connect with your HM.