The Spring Activity Challenge Kicks Off Today

The Spring Activity Challenge Kicks Off Today

April 6, 2020

Today marks the first day of the Spring Activity Challenge.

You’re now on your way to earning 25 Wellbeing Rewards Points and meeting the ultimate goal of logging an average of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week over the course of the 6-week challenge. Way to go!

You'll be able to log your activity using the ahealthyme cardio log which you can find right on the ahealthyme homepage. Alternately, you can use the HealthyNow app to log your activity on your mobile device.

For anyone who forgot to sign up but still wants to participate, don’t fret!

You can still sign up through Sunday, April 12th by following these instructions:

1. Log into your ahealthyme account at
2. Click "Sign up" in the challenge widget
3. Click "Select existing team" and then choose your captain's team name from the drop-down list (you'll see your team captain's first name, plus any other team members who may have signed up so far)
4. Click "Sign up now"

Non-BCBS Member Sign Up:

Non-BCBS Member PINs are no longer necessary to participate in Life at VetCor wellbeing challenges. Instead, you can simply head over to the ahealthyme website and sign up for an account at your convenience. From there, you'll be able to sign up for the Activity Challenge using the instructions outlined above.

Now get out there and get active!

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