Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

April 4, 2023

The hospital teams have been having some fun watching spring start to bloom. They had some adorable patients to kick off the season and one hospital hosted a seasonal team activity.


SeaPort Veterinary HospitalSeaPort Veterinary Hospital - Gloucester, Massachusetts
The days are getting longer and the sky is certainly bluer, especially at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital. The team loves when they get to see exotics, and when they are super social like Blue it is even more fun. Blue perched right on Lucy, a receptionist on the team, and they snapped a few photos before he went in for his check-up. They can't wait to see Blue again.


Animal Hospital, Inc.Animal Hospital, Inc. - Willoughby Hills, Ohio
In Ohio, there was still snow on the ground on the first day of spring, but that didn’t stop the team at Animal Hospital, Inc. from celebrating the day together. The hospital set up a potting station for the team to start their own plant from seed, and replant it outside after the snow melts. We hope to see some after photos!


Willard Veterinary ClinicCat Care of Rochester Hills - Rochester Hills, Michigan
POV: you are a cat and it’s the first day of spring. While Nelson was enjoying the signs (aka birds) of springtime, he was determined not to let that pesky blind at Cat Care of Rochester Hills keep him from his favorite pastime.


Briarwood Veterinary HospitalBriarwood Veterinary Hospital - Grand Blanc, Michigan
Clark got a catio for the first day of spring—talk about spoiled! Clark deserves it though, he was found on the side of a dirt road as a kitten and nursed back to health by the Briarwood Veterinary Hospital team. He has an older sibling Flame who is very happy Clark has his own space. Now she has a meowment to get some rest and time to herself.


Heartland Niagara Animal HospitalHeartland Niagara Animal Hospital - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Jen had her hands full of cuteness when she saw Luna on the first day of spring. At just 13 weeks old, she stole the hearts of everyone at Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital. Not noted on the board is Luna’s fashion sense. She has the coolest hoodie on.


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