Tired & Stressed? Participate in Our Upcoming Sleep Challenge

Tired & Stressed? Participate in Our Upcoming Sleep Challenge

June 4, 2020

Does anyone else feel like the last few months have dragged on forever? We agree which is why we’re hosting our first ever Restful Night's Sleep Challenge. Whoo!

As you probably already know, sleep directly impacts both your physical and emotional wellbeing, so we hope participating in this challenge will allow you to rest and recharge while earning 25 Wellbeing Rewards Points. 

Unlike most of our challenges, this one isn’t being hosted through ahealthyme. Because of that, you won’t need to register like you usually do. Instead, you’ll just need to fill out the sleep tracker form we’ll be emailing to you at the end of the 3-week challenge to earn your Wellbeing Rewards Points.

The Sleep Challenge kicks off on Monday, June 8th and ends on Friday, June 26th. To successfully complete it, you need to rack up points over the course of the three weeks by meeting daily challenge goals. While you have the ability to earn up to 84 points, you only need to log a minimum of 15 points per week (for a total of 45 points) to receive your 25 Wellbeing Rewards Points.

The challenge goals are as follows:

  • Set a weekly sleep schedule to get 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Complete a relaxing activity before bed
  • Get light exposure during the day
  • Eliminate light and other distractions during the night (yes, this includes your phone light)

Stay tuned for an additional email containing more specific instructions. We hope you’ll join us in taking some time to destress and catch some Zs.

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