Serving the Community Throughout the Year

Serving the Community Throughout the Year

Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital has a multi-faceted approach to serving their community. They lend their skills, give their time, spread awareness, donate funds, and employ those with unique needs.

The Community Client Care program through their hospital helps disabled and elderly locals who have difficulty taking care of their pets by offering services and paying a portion or all of their vet bill. They also provide discounted or free grooming, discounted or free food, and  discounted or free pet retail products. Their French bulldog mascots (and security detail), Mike and Maggie, bring life to the Community Client Care project. All of the proceeds from Mike and Maggie's merchandise go straight to this fund to help the local community.

Every 14 weeks, the team at Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital helps cook, feed, and clean up after the homeless or less fortunate at a local kitchen.

They set up a donation box and encourage sponsorships throughout the year to help their local humane society. This includes food, product, and money donations. They also join in on a few walks and runs set up by the humane society to increase awareness.

The team also supports Berkshire Family and Individual Resources (BFAIR), and has  since 1996. BFAIR employs local individuals with unique needs and disabilities.

The team had this to share about their service in the community, “Our entire team believes in a work-life balance all while supporting each other and the community. Our social events outside of work also bring us closer together and allow us to have some extra fun.”