Senior Pets Take Center Stage

Senior Pets Take Center Stage

October 7, 2022

Patients’ first visits are usually well documented, but what about all of our senior pets? Here are a few of the many senior pets our practices care for every day. Take a look and see why they have given years of joy to their families as well as our practice staff.

Pets Best FriendPet's Best Friend Veterinary Hospital - Levittown, Pennsylvania
This is what the team at Pet's Best Friend calls their very own group emotional support dog. He came along to sit in at the technician meeting earlier this week. Though it looks like they didn’t have anything exciting for him, he was there for the occasional pet and to support his favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Central Animal HospitalCentral Animal Hospital - Leominster, Massachusetts
It looks like Leo the Maine Coon is used to wearing costumes. He is known for his laid back attitude at Central Animal Hospital. At 12 years old, this senior is stately and gentle. The team loves when he comes in and we can see why.

Companion Animal CareCompanion Animal Care - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Companion Animal Care celebrated each day of National Walk Your Dog Week promoting pet and human health. Thankfully, they got this picture of their daycare dogs enjoying an early morning walk. That is a lot of smiles in one photo.

Village Veterinary Hospital Village Veterinary Hospital - Johnston, Iowa
Recognizing the unique needs of patients is a skill that all of our practices have. The team at Village Veterinary Hospital knew this was a particularly stressed cat, aka a spicy purrito, and they used this wrap to turn him into a calm and comfy burrito. This bag wraps them up and gives them a big hug but has openings so that the team can access their legs and belly.

Cinnaminson Animal HospitalCinnaminson Animal Hospital - Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Rocco had a morning appointment at Cinnaminson Animal Hospital and he helped everyone start their day off right. He is a senior pup who is always happy to see the team for his routine fluid treatments. They know that he will do anything for a treat, even stop for a photo.


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