Thankful Thursday: Have Another Helping of Appreciation

Thankful Thursday: Have Another Helping of Appreciation

November 16, 2023

Haylee Murks from Animal Care Center of Hays County, San Marcos, Texas, wants to recognize all of our staff!: "My staff is full of the most amazing individuals, and I am SO lucky to work alongside each and every one of them! I do not think they get recognized enough for ALL of their hard work!"

Haylee also wants to recognize Chad Harris, VP of Veterinary Leadership: "Chad deserves ALL the recognition! He has been so kind and helpful to our entire staff! He truly cares about each individual person and will help out whenever we need him! We are so grateful to have him on our team!"

Jerry Johnson from DuPont Veterinary Center, DuPont, Washington, wants to recognize Dr. Gigi Gutierrez: "I want to recognize Dr. Gigi for being the positive shining person in the clinic that is always taking into consideration everyone's mental health and helping me implement different techniques through the hospital to improve morale. She is a blessing to have on the team and we love her fun positive personality. She is an amazing doctor and it shows how much she cares not only for her patients but also for her team members who work with her."

Danielle Mercado from Leland Vet Clinic, Mableton, Georgia, wants to recognize Spence King, Regional Manager, Katie Ray, DVM, Jessi Gable, Employee Experience: "My regional manager Spence has been SUCH a great support to me these past few weeks and I cannot express my gratitude enough! The same goes for Dr. Ray, she has been so supportive and caring these past few weeks. I can't help but mention Jessi Gable as well. These three individuals have helped me more than I think they realize and I don't think I good express my appreciation enough. THANK YOU Spence, Dr. Ray, and Jessi! You three are THE BEST!"

Eileen Rodriguez from Grand Prairie VCO Penny Paws, Grand Prairie, Texas, wants to recognize Greg Tova, CCS: "Greg is such a selfless person and such a light in the office. It's never a dull moment when he is around. He brings out the best out of everyone and we all appreciate him so very much!"

Haylee Murks from Animal Care Center of Hays County, San Marcos, Texas, wants to recognize Amanda Flannigan, Regional Manager: "Amanda has been my go-to person since I started this job! She always seems to have the answers I'm looking for and has been such a big help to me during my transition to HM. I am so thankful to call her my boss!"

Alexis Steckley from Corinth Animal Hospital, Corinth, Texas, wants to recognize David Gonzalez, Lead Technician: "David always has a positive outlook at the clinic and a smile on his face! He has been working so hard with the staff and training these last few months and it is so exciting to see the progress the staff is having! I appreciate all of his hard work and support every day."

Tasha from Wasatch Animal Clinic, Heber City, Utah, wants to recognize Tayler Mecham, Lead CCS: "Tayler has been an incredible front officer manager, receptionist, and friend to everyone at the clinic during her eight years with us.  You can count on Tayler to know the answer to any office or receptionist need.  Although she is super young she is often referred to as the clinic mom. She is a lifesaver for the team and her hilarious personality lightens up the clinic for staff and clients. Tayler, thank you for your years of dedication to Wasatch Animal Clinic."

Kim Shifflett from Yellow Springs Veterinary Clinic, Frederick, Maryland, wants to recognize Dr. Alexandra Barnard, Chief Of Staff: "I can't thank her enough for being a great partner through this struggle of change that the hospital is going through! Things are looking and feeling better every day!"

Krystle Bernier, Regional Manager, wants to recognize Sean Sornsin, Senior VP of Operations: "I wanted to say thank you to Sean for hosting such a wonderful in-person OPS meeting in Dallas!"

Jessica Middleton from Mt. Spokane Veterinary Hospital, Mead, Washington, wants to recognize Dr. Jocelyn Woodd, Chief of Staff Advisor: "Dr. Woodd is constantly going above and beyond for her staff and clients. She is always thinking of others and how to make things better. She has inspired many of us to stay in the field and to continue to grow. She sees potential in everyone and doesn't give up on them. We are so grateful to have her looking after us!"

Nicole Curler, OPS, wants to recognize Jennifer Weitzel, Director of Operations: "Jen has been a strong leader. She has provided excellent guidance and a wealth of knowledge. I'm thankful she has been my director, and I learned so much from her."

Lisa Luebbert from Alpine Animal Hospital, Corvallis, Oregon, wants to recognize Jenna Beeby, Veterinary Assistant: "We are thankful for Jenna here as someone who genuinely cares about their team, customers, and pets. In fact, just listening to her talk to pets through stressful moments calms me down.  Jenna is always willing to help if we are short-handed if we need someone to flex with a wonky schedule, or to take on a new challenge like learning inventory. She makes it a point to get thoughtful birthday presents for every team member to celebrate their personalities and style. Jenna also challenges me with new points of view so that I can work towards being a better leader with more awareness, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you, Jenna!!"

Carina Chalfant from Fisherville Animal Hospital, Concord, NH, wants to recognize the entire team, Dr. Nicole, Dr. Alyssa, Kayla, Shelby, Lindsey, Justina, Courtney, and Rachel: "All the ladies do such an amazing job every day! They are team players and are always willing to help with whatever is asked! Every day they will bend over backwards to help our clients, patients, coworkers, and myself. Thank you for making my life easier and for just being a joy to be around!"

Hunter Reed from Animal Medical Center, Ontario, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Bils: "She has gone above and beyond to ensure her patients receive the best care. She also will work with patients who are not scheduled to make sure they are taken care of. She also always keeps a positive attitude. Thank you for being such an amazing Doctor!"

Kayla Newman from Duval Animal Hospital, Green Valley, Arizona, wants to recognize Tim Overbey, DVM, Chief of Staff: "Dr. Overbey is very caring about his team and patients. Dr. Overbey always goes above and beyond to ensure his staff is taken care of. He always makes sure there is coverage for the clientele and patients. I have worked with Dr. Overbey for the past 8 years and he is a key member of keeping Duval Animal Hospital together. The team at Duval greatly appreciates him not only as a DVM but also being a true genuine person. We could not do it without him! Thank you, Dr. Overbey!"

Sean Sornsin, Senior VP of Operations, wants to recognize Krystle Bernier, Regional Manager: "She is the consummate professional in all that she does on the OPS team.  Since she has started helping practices outside of her home practices I have been very impressed with her attention to detail, organization, problem-solving, and her ability to always be doing the right thing for the hospitals.  We are very lucky to have Krystle on our OPS team and her efforts to be a fair, supportive, and emphatic leader do not go unnoticed.  Kudos and thanks for all you do Krystle."

F. Alexa Warburton from Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, wants to recognize the team for their amazing costumes for Halloween and great attitude: "Thank you to all who dressed up for Halloween and participated in our pet costume photo session. The team and their costumes made the day for so many clients and pets. Your love for your job shines through. THANK YOU!"

Amie Martin from Moosehead Trail Veterinary Hospital, Newport, Maine, wants to recognize Kelli Hitchcock, LVT: "Kelli has been going above and beyond recently and has worked 5 days a week to help us while we are short-staffed. She also helped a lot during the transition to Vetcor and getting all our new bulk vendors set up! We all appreciate her hard work and dedication to this hospital!"

Margie Giles from All Animals Veterinary Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Angela Oldham, RVT: "Angela just celebrated her 2-year anniversary with us and we are so lucky to have her on our team!  She takes care of all things surgery and does a fantastic job with a positive attitude! Angela is a rockstar and we appreciate everything she does for us!"

Margie also wants to recognize Morgan Smith, Regional Manager: "Morgan is absolutely AMAZING!  She is always there when you need her and I have needed her a lot lately. I have transitioned from being HM of 1 hospital to 2 and she has been there for me every step of the way!  I love her as our RM but also as a person!  Morgan is the absolute BEST!"

Lastly, Margie wants to recognize Dr. Angela Kargus: "There isn't enough space here to say how Thankful we are for Dr Kargus.  Not only is she an amazing Vet but she is also an awesome human being who comes to work every day with a positive attitude.  Dr Kargus has been a very valuable asset to our team and we are beyond lucky to have her."

David Gagnon from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Mariah Stedl, Receptionist: "Mariah comes in every day with a bright smile and good attitude. Her bubbly personality is sure to make those around her happy too. She's been a hard worker since day one, and is a critical member of our team."

Brittany Klopp from Central Animal Hospital, Petaluma, California, wants to recognize Asena Vera, Technician: "Asena is the most compassionate, dedicated, and fun technician I know! She is a backbone for the team and I appreciate all she does!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Dr. Colleen Wallace: "Dr. Wallace has been with Cozy Cat for 18 years and Vetcor for 5 years.  She is an excellent veterinarian and very knowledgeable.  She treats everyone with compassion and I could not pick a better vet to work with.  I have worked with her for the last 13 years and she has and will continue to be someone I respect and admire.  I do not know what we would do at Cozy Cat without her and her patients would not either."

Tiffany Reed from Phillips Creek Veterinary Hospital, Frisco, Texas, wants to recognize Kaycee Fenus, CCS: "She has been an amazing team member from day one.  She is always willing to help where she is needed.  The compassion this lady has is exactly what you hope to have in our line of work.  She is never afraid to ask questions or double-check things.  She is a huge asset to our team and we will miss her dearly when she moves!  She will always be a part of our PCVH family and is welcome to come back at any time!"

Tama Fisher from Watkins Veterinary Clinic, Watkins, Minnesota, wants to recognize Laura Mays, Regional Manager: "I would like to thank Laura Mays for the help and support that she has given Heidi and me since we joined Vetcor in February.  I know that she loved hearing from us every day but I am sure that it was daunting at times.  She helped us make the transition go smoother than we anticipated and we are so grateful for that.  She has done so much for us and even though she will no longer be our RM we will always hold a special place in our hearts for her.  Rambo loves her too!  Also a special thank you to Laura's mom for helping to keep us warm this winter. :) "

Chloe Mctighe from Animal and Bird Clinic Of Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, California, wants to recognize Rosa Flores, Technician: "I wanted to thank Rosa for mentoring me every day and encouraging me to practice and improve on all of my tech skills. Your kindness is not unnoticed!!"

Amy Klotz from Massillon Animal Hospital, Massillon, Ohio, would like to recognize the following team members:

Heather Zahm, Lead Receptionist: "Heather is doing an amazing job with very limited staffing at this location currently. She has taken on more responsibilities and I'm so grateful for her help!"

Amanda Summers, RVT Lead Technician: "Amanda is currently the only RVT at this practice and she does an amazing job multi-tasking and getting the job done!"

Bre Pogue, Boarding Receptionist: "Bre has taken on the additional responsibility of helping cross-train kennel attendants and she has done a great job with it!"

Destiny Rodriguez, Receptionist: "Destiny is our "queen of fun" and has done an amazing job of coordinating fun events for the team this year. She has also taken on the responsibility of helping to cross-train some of our kennel attendants at the front desk."

McKenna Yoe, RVT: "The hospital is going through a phase of change and growth with adding a new COS and associate dvm, along with bringing on a new hospital manager. We are in the paperlight process which is changing the workflow as well. McKenna has been open and excited about the change and is taking on the task of helping our team members with it."

Jake Hudson, CCS: "Jake has recently transitioned from being in maintenance to our reception staff. He has been very open to the changes that the hospital is going through as we bring in a new COS, Associate DVM, and Hospital Manager. Jake is planning on attending veterinary school and we are so excited for his future as a DVM!"

Cesar Molina, OPS, wants to recognize Steven Ramsdell, Finance, and the entire Finance Team: "I just want to give a huge shout-out to the financial team and always helping! They are all exceptional and always willing to help as soon as possible. They help us at all times and are always the nicest people and answer any questions. I am truly grateful to have the best finance team. I am also grateful and appreciate spending some in-person time with them. What an amazing team!"

Mallory Joyner from Ambassador Animal Hospital, Fayetteville, North Carolina, wants to recognize Isis Cintron, CCS: "I would like to recognize one of our receptionists, Isis! She volunteers to come in when we are short, is flexible with her schedule, and always gets to know the clients! She shows great initiative and always volunteers to help!"

Mallory also wants to recognize Kristin Napodano, Kennel Assistant: "I would like to recognize one of our kennel assistants, Kristin! She lends a helping hand to the receptionists and vet assistants when they need it and performs odd jobs around the hospital to help me out. Her knowledge and skills are diverse which makes her very helpful in several areas!"

Audry Helburn from Zippivet - Arboretum, Austin, Texas, wants to recognize Dr. Chad Harris, VP of Veterinary Leadership: "Our practice had some serious growing pains and Dr. Harris was an absolute CHAMP at getting things sorted out and up to snuff. We really appreciated all the work and time that he put in."

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, New York, wants to recognize her whole team: "My staff had the idea of welcoming clients back in the building over a year ago. When a client offered to sell products here to go toward our angel fund, it was my staff members who turned that idea into our Family Fun Day. We all had a great time! Thank you everyone for your tireless efforts in turning this day into such a success!!"

The Leadership Team from Creature Comforts Animal Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to recognize Kelsey Hilderbran, LVT: "We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to Kelsey Hilderbran, whose dedication and passion for education have been a beacon of inspiration for our team. Kelsey's love for learning and teaching shines through in the exceptional content she develops for our internal learning platform. Her daily curation of medical terminology doesn't just educate; it empowers our team to excel in their roles.  The effort she puts into going above and beyond the call of duty has made a significant difference to our team, our clients, and our patients. Her work is not just about words and definitions; it's about building the foundation for better care and stronger connections."

The Leadership Team from Creature Comforts Animal Hospital also wants to recognize Hailee Brandon, CCS: "Hailee's 'all for one' attitude is the epitome of teamwork and selflessness. Hailee is the true definition of a team player. Her willingness to step into any role, assist any department, and offer her support wherever it's needed, has not only inspired us all but has also been instrumental in our success. Whether it's ensuring our patients receive the best care, our clients feel heard and supported, or our team members feel backed up, Hailee is always there, ready to lend a hand with a smile. Her actions speak volumes about her character and her commitment to our collective mission."