Resilience in Action

Resilience in Action
March 25, 2020

Earlier this month, we emphasized the importance of resilience, which could not be more fitting given everything we're facing at the moment.

Throughout the past week, we have heard from several of you about the many ways in which you have had to navigate unclear waters to support your clients, including through:

  • implementing curbside/drop off services
  • shifting hours and appointment times to ensure client and employee safety
  • exploring remote work and technology solutions
  • staying up to date on local VMA and AVMA recommendations

Every day, we continue to be challenged and, through that, we become more resilient. To continue spotlighting resilience, we wanted to pass along a couple of videos that talk more about how we can retrain our brains and bounce back when faced with adversity. We hope you find them helpful. 

Thank you again for all the work you're doing to serve your clients and your communities. If there's anything we can do to make life better here, please let us know!