Pet Expressions Making Us Smile

Pet Expressions Making Us Smile

July 26, 2022

There is no mistaking the look of a happy, relaxed, and satisfied pet. Some of our practices snapped great photos recently that really sum up the personalities and the feelings of their patients.

Tender Touch Veterinary HospitalTender Touch Veterinary Hospital - Scarborough, Maine
The team at Tender Touch had the pleasure of seeing this hard-shelled duo, Ruth, and Harriet the tortoise sisters. That is Ruth, who is either in the middle of eating or just being her sassy self and sticking her tongue out at her sister.


Somerset Animal HospitalSomerset Animal Hospital - Prairie Village, Kansas
Garber was in for a neuter procedure and spent the day with the crew at Somerset Animal Hospital. Even though the procedure is a lot for a young pup to go through, he was able to see past it all because of the love and care he received after.


Mayville Animal ClinicMayville Animal Clinic - Mayville, Wisconsin
Jack bounced into Mayville Animal Clinic for his appointment and didn’t stop smiling the whole time. He was such a good boy and the team can’t wait to see that happy face again soon.


Indian Walk Veterinary CenterIndian Walk Veterinary Center - Newtown, Pennsylvania
Alistair clearly wears his emotions on his sleeve. He doesn’t look too pleased to be bothered during his Indian Walk “camp”, as his dad calls it. They tried to get him to play badminton but it just wasn’t this thing.


St. Charles Veterinary ClinicSt. Charles Veterinary Clinic - Charles, Illinois
Looking so sweet and innocent, Groot and Grouch, 11-week-old Golden brothers, are known to put puppy smackdown wrestling moves on each other. They were in for their first visit with Dr. Novak, Lisa, and Vanessa at St. Charles Veterinary Clinic. Next visit they probably won’t be able to pick them up!


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