Thankful Thursday: Appreciating Our Network

Thankful Thursday: Appreciating Our Network

October 20, 2022

These thoughtful appreciation notes continue to make an impact on our team. Thank you all for continuing to participate. 

Tyler Bisee from Branchville Animal Hospital in Odenville, Alabama, wants to recognize Dr. Bean and Mark Allen and Vicky Brown from the OPS team: “To start with my COS- Dr. Bean has been an amazing COS and has helped me above and beyond which has been invaluable for me, my RM-Mark Allen has coached me in so many ways it would be impossible for me to list them all, also Vicky Brown has stepped in and really helped me navigate the constant good and bad I as an HM deal with on a daily basis. I am so thankful to be with Vetcor and even more thankful that I have this team behind me. Thank you to Dr. Bean, Mark Allen and Vicky Brown.”

Anna Childers-Smith from Lake Station Pet Clinic, Lake Station, Indiana, wants to recognize Allison Newell, Vet Assistant: "Allison, came to us over 1 year ago, and has helped us train our assistants and is such a force in our clinic. She currently is finishing up her externship for Register Tech thru Penn Foster. We appreciate the passion, knowledge and dedication she has and gives to the clinic."

Jamie Ibarra from Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital, Rancho Cucamonga, California, wants to recognize all of the staff: "These last few months have been rough with the loss of staff and an associate, but you have pulled together as a team and have gotten things done! I am proud to be a part of this team."

Anne Porreca from Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital, Allentown, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Amanda Hansen, Head Tech, Hospital Manager: "She always shows up, works hard, cares deeply about our patients, and also for her awesome team members. "

Jodi Smoley from Primary Pet Care, Stow, Ohio, wants to recognize the entire team of rock stars: "Wowza, what a year! Owners are over the moon about your attention and care for their pets. Dr. Thompson and I are starry-eyed with your efficiency and not spacing out on us. When it comes to teamwork, you're galaxies above the rest. You deserve to be meteor showered with milky ways to reward your successes. We will continue to get brighter as we stay the course. Continue to rock-et!!!"

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, California, wants to recognize Avery Jemine, RVT: "Avery is awesome! He is quick and efficient and has an infectious laugh. We wouldn't be able to do half of the stuff we do without him. I appreciate his humor and his mad tech skills! Thank you, Avery!"

Alannah Labesky from Regional Manager, OPS, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Deb Griffing, HM and Dr. Courtney O'Neill, COS: "Austintown Vet Clinic has recently gone through some changes and they haven't skipped a beat. With this strong COS/HM duo, they have quickly made some efficient game plans and the team has continued to thrive. I am so thankful and proud to work with this hospital!"

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize Amy Miller, SRM: "I've worked with Amy since 2013 when I first started with VetCor.  She has been a fantastic support system to me and is there any time I need her.  In the last few months, I've had some difficult situations and she has been there every step of the way. Amy, I appreciate you more than you know, and wouldn't be where I am today without you.  Thank you."

Alannah Labesky would also like to recognize Peter Anderson, IT Support: "I want to send a special Thank You to Peter for resolving the lengthy, ongoing process of our Countryside Large Animal Trucks computers and printers. You resolved this in such a kind, professional manner (especially since you know I'm not tech-savvy). This is appreciated more than you know by the 3 doctors and myself."

Angelyn Snyder from Crossroads Animal Hospital, Bastrop, Texas, wants to recognize Catherine Lallier, Technician: "We are so happy that she is back to work after having a beautiful baby girl! This week she has assembled our new stainless steel kennels, with the help of others. She has done a great job. Thank you, Catherine! and others!"

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, New York, wants to recognize Katie Derks, Vet Assistant: "Katie organized listings of all of the local emergency and urgent care clinics in our area, including times of operation. She then put them into a handout that we can give to clients. She recognized a need and spearheaded the project. "

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Sue-Anne Gentry, RM: "Thank you for all you have done for me over the past few years.  I have learned a lot and you have helped me grow as a manager.  You will be missed."

Kimberly Wilson from Dunham Animal Hospital, Winter Haven, Florida, wants to recognize Andrea Wise, Lead Tech: "Andrea has become our only lead tech (there were 2 previously) for all areas of the hospital. She has shown great dedication and has been a strong support for myself and our COS in helping to streamline new/updated practice policies and controlled drugs monitoring guidelines. "

Jorie Driscoll from South Boulder Animal Hospital, Boulder, Colorado, wants to recognize Lynda Schuller, Customer Service Representative: "Lynda has stepped up over the last month tacking on additional hours to help better serve our clients and their pets. She has an incredible attitude, work ethic, and is a delight to work with! Lynda has worked at SoBo for 5 years now, and it wouldn't be the same without her. Thanks for all you do Lynda! "

Alexis Stoll from West Shore Animal Clinic, Warwick, Rhode Island, wants to recognize the entire team: "Want to thank everyone for all their hard work, the long hours, all the changes we make on daily basis and going with the flow. Every day brings a new challenge and the West Shore staff pulls together to help one another. I cannot thank everyone from the DVMs, technicians, and the receptionist for always being there to help the animals we care for!"

Mariah Hunt from Bethany Centennial Animal Hospital, Ellicott City, Maryland, wants to recognize Monica King, Technician: "She goes above and beyond what we expect from a technician! Always has a happy and friendly attitude, and does her best to make sure each patient is taken care of. She has a very vast skill set and impresses us every day. No matter the circumstance she is always a ray of sunshine and we are so happy to have her here!"

Nina Hernandez from Miramar Animal Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida, wants to recognize all techs - ours and all others! you are appreciated!! Happy Vet Tech Week!: "Always appreciate my techs! But wanted to give them an extra should out for vet tech week! - Oh and Kevin, our office kitty."

Sue-Anne Gentry from the OPS team wants to recognize Jennifer Keiser-Perry, HM and Rae Marks, Groomer from Rae-Zor Boarding Grooming and Daycare: "Jennifer and Rae picked up a full weekend on the boarding side of the business when their staff went down with Covid.  This left them working a very full-time schedule of grooming and kennels for 12 days straight, and I know that the dogs were all grateful. Thank you both for a great example of leadership.”

Sue-Anne would also like to recognize the HR Team: "This team deals with the happiest, saddest, and downright head-shaking behaviors of us all at times, and they do so with such a great attitude. They stifle the laughs when you give them a head shaker, they express concern and compassion when you give them a sad story and they smile with us all when it is a happy story, but most of all they give us great advice and friendly voices.  Thank you, you are our lifesavers at times, and you need to know that."

Last but certainly not least Sue-Anne would also like to recognize Sean Sornsin, OPS Team: “I would like to recognize and thank Sean Sornsin for being...well, Sean Sornsin!  Enough said, but not enough gratitude was expressed for such an awesome leader!”

Maggie Kuhn from Ridgeville Animal Hospital, North Ridgeville, Ohio, wants to recognize Elizabeth Dorenkott, RVT, and Elisabeth Carson, RVT: "We are so very thankful we have such a great team at RAH. This team's wonderful, hardworking, and colorful personalities make it a great place to work. A special shout out to Libby and Liz our two RVTs. Their amazing hard work and dedication give the doctors the support they need to provide our clients with great veterinary care. Thank you and keep up the great work!!!"

Mandi Johnson from Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country, Boone, North Carolina, wants to recognize Kelli Connors, Payroll Associate: "Kelli is simply the BEST. She is ALWAYS so very helpful and polite. I never have to wait very long for an email back from her. Thank you, Kelli!!!"

Christy Layton from Timberlane Pet Hospital & Resort, Plant City, Florida, wants to recognize the whole team: "The Best "Boss's Day" EVER!!! ~  My Cup Runneth Over!!! ~ You guys are amazing!!!"

Lisa White from Kalamazoo Cat Hospital, Kalamazoo, Michigan, wants to recognize the entire staff: "A huge thank you to each staff member, my Doctors included for going above and beyond! Working outside "the box", together as a team we are so much more than average."

Amy Klotz from Massillon Animal Hospital, Massillon, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Ullum and the entire team: "This team has been through the ringer this past year and they are so resilient and amazing! I recently started helping them out,  as their HM is out due to some health concerns. They have all been very welcoming and it's wonderful to see them working together and having fun doing so!"

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, California, wants to recognize the following people:

Susan Alonzo, Vet Assistant: "Sue is such an integral part of our AAC team! She's been with us for ~30 years and she is such a dedicated part of our family! She always finds a way to encourage me by telling me jokes or writing me little notes to lift my spirit! I appreciate her so much!"

Fernando Ramirez, Vet Assistant: "Fernando is amazing. First of all, we couldn't handle the big dogs without him! Secondly, he is reliable, honest, hardworking, and has a great sense of humor. He is kind and thoughtful and I appreciate him so much!"

Sandy Portillo, Lead Tech: "Sandy puts her heart into her work! She's always looking for ways to improve our hospital and she's always looking at the small details. I appreciate her helpful attitude and her commitment to making our work environment the best it can be!"

Tesia Schexnayder, Vet Assistant: "Tess has a knack for remembering little details about our patients, and will text me to follow up on cases on her day off! She is super creative and if there is a project with a lot of minute details, I know that I can give it to Tess! She and I share a lot of laughs in and out of work - I'm so glad she's on my team!"

Lauren Persico, Vet Assistant: "Lauren has one of the biggest, most giving hearts of anyone I know. Her love for animals is unsurpassed - she's always looking for ways to make our patients more comfortable and less scared. She's such a hard worker and she is such a great teammate."

Carolina Hernandez, Vet Assistant: "I know I just gave her a shoutout, but it's Vet Tech Week and she absolutely deserves another one! Carolina is so positive and energetic. She is a great teacher to other people on staff, and she is trained as both a CSR and an assistant, and she does both jobs amazingly! She is a treasure!"

Beverley Loo, Vet Assistant: "Beverley is in vet school, and even though we don't work together very often, I am always impressed by her attention to detail and her thirst for knowledge! She is so polite and professional, and always wants to know as much as she can about every case. She is going to make an amazing vet one day, and we're so proud of her!"

Ana Mendoza, Vet Assistant: "Ana always makes me laugh! She is a skilled assistant and is efficient and works quickly. She often makes suggestions and has insights that can help benefit our practice, and I appreciate that so much! "

Caitlyn Hill, Vet Assistant: "Caitlyn is so intuitive! We all enjoy working with her because she is perceptive, kind, funny, and professional! She is often able to anticipate what the doctor needs before they even ask. We're lucky to have her!"

Amanda Marchesseault from Elk Creek Animal Hospital of Bullitt County, Mt. Washington, Kentucky wants to recognize the whole TEAM!: “The entire staff at Bullitt County deserves all the stars in the sky! They come in day after day ready to take on challenges with a smile. We have a group of people that love each other and they sure know how to have fun. The days can be long but the compassion and love for animals and our clients is real! Thank you all for your dedication to the field, to each other, to the doctors, and to our clients! You're appreciated more than you know!”