Meet Christine: The RM with a Passion for the Outdoors

Meet Christine: The RM with a Passion for the Outdoors
May 13, 2019

Christine is the regional manager for the northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions. 

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I grew up in Souderton and currently live in Hatboro with my daughter and our menagerie of pets. Right now, we have a Rottweiler named Reese, a Greyhound named Jasmine, a bird named Jello, and two cats, Roman and Kangaroo (Roo).

Regional Manager, Christine, with her dogs, Jasmine and ReeseAlthough I’m now a regional manager for the northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions, I first got started as a kennel attendant around 20 years ago. From there, I quickly worked my way up to veterinary technician and later, hospital manager. Of the 20 years I’ve spent in the veterinary field, 10 were in emergency medicine.

I’ve been a member of the VetCor family for over six years now. I was fortunate enough to work at both West Trenton Animal Hospital and Columbus Veterinary Hospital prior to becoming a regional manager which has given me a lot of insight into how things work at both the practice and corporate levels.

I love supporting people who help animals but, outside of that, my favorite part of this job is that no one day is ever the same. I’ve always enjoyed troubleshooting and coming up with solutions for various problems which has been beneficial to me both in terms of treating pets and providing practice teams with managerial support. For me, the most difficult aspect of the job has been learning to turn my brain off when I’m not working.

What I love most about VetCor is that they encourage each of their practices to retain their own identity. I’m proud to represent a company that emphasizes the importance of giving every location a voice. I really feel like my contributions matter and I’m looking forward to continue growing with the company.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking day trips, being outdoors, and creating lasting memories with my daughter. In particular, we love camping, going horseback riding, and hiking to see waterfalls. Our most recent visits were to Buttermilk Falls, Bushkill Falls, and Dingmans Falls.