Meet Amber: The CVT Who Loves to Travel & Wants to See the World

Meet Amber: The CVT Who Loves to Travel & Wants to See the World
October 14, 2019

Amber is a certified veterinary technician at Glenwood Village Pet Hospital.

I grew up in Calumet City, Illinois, and I now live in Gary, Indiana. As a kid, I always saw myself having a career related to animals in one way or another. When I was little, my best friend and I would rescue birds out of her pool and spend days (unsuccessfully) looking for animals we saw on lost pet flyers.

Veterinary technician, Amber Tate, in IcelandIn 2016, I graduated from Fox College with a degree in applied science. Labs were always my favorite classes and, when I’m working at the hospital, I still enjoy using the microscope whenever I get the chance.

I’ve been working in the veterinary field for almost four years now. I’m passionate about being a voice for animals because they can’t speak for themselves. Nursing sick animals back to health and educating clients about how to best care for their pets is my favorite part of the job.

Being a tech is hard but rewarding. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone considering working in the veterinary field, I’d tell them to make sure it’s what they want because this job isn’t for the faint hearted. You have to be really passionate about animals to do this type of work. I'm lucky to work with a bunch of great people who have become my second family but, to be completely honest, I don't know if I’d be able to get through some of these days without them.

Luckily, we’re all close and we organize regular group activities outside of work. We go on lots of trips too. At our hospital, we utilize a snap board to recognize each other’s accomplishments and random acts of kindness. We read from it at every meeting and give out gift cards after. It’s a great way to keep us motivated and it gives us something to look forward to.

What I love most about working for VetCor is that it feels like family. When you’re doing what you love every day, you don’t feel like you’re working. I hope to continue growing with this company and, in my personal time, do some more traveling. I visited Iceland last September - I had an awesome time - and I hope to someday see New York City, Australia, and Japan.

At home, I have a Golden Retriever named Allie and a calico cat named Eevee. When I’m not spending time with them, I like reading, jogging, and hanging out with my friends.