Making an Impact in Rural Communities

Making an Impact in Rural Communities

This May, the dedicated team at Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital in Lacey, WA embarked on a mission to expand access to quality animal care in underserved areas of their state. Partnering with the Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) of The Humane Society of the United States, they brought their expertise to a field clinic, enhancing their skills while making a profound impact.

Led by Dr. Lisa, alongside Tami, a veterinary assistant, and Lacie, a student technician, the Hawks Prairie team joined forces with RAVS staff, volunteers, and students. Together, they provided vital veterinary services at no cost to over 330 animals from the community and performed over 180 spaying and neutering procedures during the intensive 5-day clinic.

This ongoing initiative addresses a critical need in rural areas like Eastern Washington, where limited resources and geographic isolation often leave pets without regular healthcare. For over 20 years, RAVS has been instrumental in bridging this gap through direct veterinary care, training, and community outreach.

Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital's commitment to service has made a lasting impact on both pets and their owners, exemplifying what it means to be a vital part of the community. Their efforts deserve recognition and applause for embodying the Vetcor values of building community and providing compassionate care.

Through this collaborative effort, Hawks Prairie demonstrated their dedication to animal welfare and set a powerful example of community engagement. They have unleashed positive change, improving the lives of countless animals and fostering a healthier environment for all.