Thankful Thursday: Cool Messages for the Dog Days of Summer

Thankful Thursday: Cool Messages for the Dog Days of Summer

July 21, 2022

We are in the dog days of summer, so find a shady (or air-conditioned) spot to read through some really cool messages about practice and support staff that are making a difference in the lives of their team members.

Angelyn Snyder from Crossroads Animal Hospital, Bastrop, Texas, wants to recognize Nancy Baker, Technician: "We are so thankful to have Nancy as a room tech. She does a good job keeping them on time and the clients love her."

Dr. Chad Harris, DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership wants to recognize Lauren Cross, DVM, COS at North Ridgeville, Ohio: "I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Cross and was overjoyed with her leadership style and sense of humor.  She is a fantastic member of our VetCor family!"

Dr. Harris also wants to recognize Elizabeth Lohnes, Marketing: "Elizabeth is coming up on her 1-year celebration of being with VetCor and we are incredibly lucky to have her on our team.  I've enjoyed her help with everything from general marketing, DEI, and everything in between.  Thank you, Elizabeth!!!"

Dr. Dallas Thompson, DVM, COS from Hartfield Animal Hospital, Hartfield, Virginia, wants to recognize Jennifer Strattman, Hospital Manager: "I'd like to recognize Jennifer for holding the fort down and keeping a positive attitude while I was out of the country on vacation and then having to do it a little longer while I had COVID. To top off her work load, she's still fairly new herself and is doing a great job trying to foster teamwork and make our hospital more efficient. I really appreciate all of her efforts."

Jill Willemsen from San Clemente Veterinary Hospital, San Clemente, California, wants to recognize Jessica Curren, Client Servies Manager: "Jessica is excelling at her role as client services manager. The help that she provides to me, the practice manager, does not go unnoticed and helps me succeed at being a better manager by being more available to my team's needs. I am so proud of her commitment to further her education in practice management as she is currently enrolled in a CVPM prep program. I love my job more because she is here with me! Thank you, Jess, for all you do! "

Allyson Mihalko, Assistant Hospital Manager from High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to recognize Meghan Lara, CVT: "I want to give Meg a shout out for being a highly dedicated technician.  She always has such a positive attitude and goes above and beyond what is expected of her!  Meg is always willing to assist others when an extra hand is needed!  She is also very dependable and punctual!  She is a very strong contributor to the High Plains team's success. I'm so pleased she is a part of our team!"

Kaci McHenry from Greenville Veterinary Clinic, Greenville, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Alannah Labesky, Regional Manager: "I just want to take a moment to say "thank you" to Alannah for her confidence in me and for dealing with my millions of questions on a day to day basis! I am very lucky to have such a great role model!"

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, Georgia, wants to recognize all of our staff: "Our entire staff --Doctors, Receptionist, Technicians, Veterinary Assistants and Kennel Assistants have been working so hard this entire year.  We are all overworked, but everyone remains calm and carries on!  Royston Animal Hospital is so blessed to have a great group of individuals that keep our days flowing.  I cannot give enough praise for the commitment this team has to Royston Animal Hospital. Thank You Team for Jobs Well Done!"

Lynsey Mohr from Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, wants to recognize the entire team: "I just want to thank & recognize my entire team at RBAH! Our practice is located in a beach resort town which results in a massive influx of cases from May-September, this year has yielded to be one of the most challenging ones yet. . I couldn't do it without every single individual that makes up the RBAH family and I'm super proud of them for giving their all every single shift. I want this team to feel appreciated because they deserve more than I would ever be able to provide them! "

Amber Hansen from Corporate wants to recognize Vicky Brown, VP Practice Support, and Dr. Chad Harris, VP of Vet Leadership: "Vicky and Chad are such fun and positive people to work with on various initiatives like TechLife. Vicky serves as my voice of reason and provides valuable input from the perspective of operations, a technician, and a friend. Chad is immensely knowledgeable, and always available as a valuable veterinarian and friendly resource. I never take advantage but they are ALWAYS willing to help even when they're oversubscribed with activities, and just knowing that makes me appreciate them even more. THANK YOU!!"

Lisa Adaes from Parkway Veterinary Hospital, West Roxbury, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Dr. Lysz, DVM and the entire team: "I want to thank Dr.Lysz and the entire Parkway Team for being so helpful and patient with me while we work together. This hospital has had a lot of changes in the past few months and everyone has been so kind to jump right in and help out. The entire team is always so positive even on the most difficult days. I can not wait to see what the future holds for this AMAZING TEAM!! "

Dr. Megan Barnhizer, DVM, COS from Animal Hospital and Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Willoughby Hills and Richmond Heights, Ohio, wants to recognize our entire DVM and staff teams at both hospitals!!: "Their neverending and AMAZING work and dedication to our patients and clients in this challenging environment. I cannot say enough thank you's!"

Britni Rosala from Roberts and Wendt Animal Hospital, Lakewood, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Labib, DVM, COS: "I would like to thank Dr. Labib for helping our hospital by working extra days as well as supporting the staff through these extremely busy days. Dr. Labib helps make the days better by making sure we are all having fun and laughing while working and taking our breaks. Thank you Dr. Labib!!"

Lisa White-Mitchell from Kalamazoo Cat Hospital, Kalamazoo, Michigan, wants to recognize Tina Fye, RM: "Thank You for Always having an Answer! Sometimes just the direction to point me in to find it. I appreciate everything you do to make the MI/IN Hospital Managers the best we can be.”

Lisa also wants to recognize Sarah Crispin and her Central Support team, Jenny and Kristyn: "Thank You for all you and your team does to make our Jobs a little easier. Right down to every little detail. You all are behind the scenes and deserve more recognition, we couldn't do our jobs without you all!"

As well as Vanesa Rivera, Procurement: "Huge Thank You! For your help in making it happen! We have wanted a SediVue analyzer for so long, it is like a dream come true.”

And finally, Lisa wants to recognize Vet Assistants, Mitchell Dame and Gabriel Paba: "Both have 1 year anniversaries with the hospital. Thank you both for making our team better than ever. You both always step in to help where ever you are needed."

Kaci McHenry from Greenville Vet Clinic, Greenville, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Shyloh McTighe, Technician: "I want to give a shout out to Shyloh for helping me for the week that I was out sick from the clinic. She jumped in to help me, no hesitations and dealt with my needy requests! I appreciated it more than she realizes!"

Melissa Strycker-Grzeskowiak from Western Vet Clinic, South Bend, Indiana, wants to recognize Dr. Erin Champion, DVM, and Dr. Chris Persing, DVM: "Dr. Erin and Dr. Chris have really stepped up and taken on a lot over the past few weeks after our clinic kinda got flipped upside-down. They continue to focus on great care for our patients and work with our staff to be as efficient as they can be! As a team, we will continue to be a great support team for these amazing doctors and help them be able to see as many patients as we can!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Tara Gillis, RVT: "Tara is one of our amazing techs and we are very fortunate to have her!  Not only is she an amazing technician, she has a great attitude and is always ready to work!  One of Tara's many great strengths is organization..she keeps track of all our brochures and puppy packs. We are very thankful to have her!"

Jodi McDowell from Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic, Stahlstown, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Kaitlynn Lebo, Vet Assistant: "Kaitlynn (Kate) has been so much help to us at LVC, especially during the summer.  Without her help and willingness to learn, we would be in a world of trouble.  She brings such a young, fun, cheerful vibe to our clinic and both staff and clients enjoy being around her!”

Julie Hogue from Windermere Animal Hospital, Fishers, Indiana, wants to recognize our whole team: "All of our staff is fairly new.  They have come together and learned our system, our software and have bonded as a team. We are a busy practice and they have worked hard to get to where they are now.  High fives all around! Lucky to be a part of this team!"

Pamela Johnson from Glen Burnie Animal Hospital, Glen Burnie, Maryland, wants to recognize Jess Hoover, Technician: "Jess has transitioned from an Assistant to Technician. Her Technician abilities improve on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Becca Buswell, Grooming Assistant/Kennel Attendant: "Becca is an amazing teammate/co-worker! She is always willing to help where needed and go the extra mile for her co-workers!”