Helping Hands

Helping Hands

November 7, 2023

Our hospital team members are constantly lending a helping hand. They are all on board to help patients beat diseases and feel better, but beyond that, they are helping each other and their communities.


Kimball Veterinary ClinicKimball Veterinary Clinic - Kimball, Minnesota
When Rita came into Kimball Veterinary Clinic one and a half years ago, she was wobbly, had her tail tucked, was shaking, and had pale gums. The team diagnosed Rita with IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia). After many blood draws, weekly visits, phone calls, pokes, CBCs, medication adjustments, vomiting, lethargy, and hair loss they are happy to share that as of right now, Rita “beat” IMHA! Now she runs the clinic when she comes in with her wagging tail and smiles.


Clarksville Veterinary ClinicClarksville Veterinary Clinic - Clarksville, Virginia
So many of our hospitals take part and help out at their local community events. At Clarksville Veterinary Clinic, they had Scooby join them at the downtown trick-or-treat event. Representing the hospital and celebrating such a fun event is one of the highlights of the year. They reported that it was a great turnout from the neighborhood with plenty of adorable costumes.


Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital - Manhattan Beach, California
Add in a little fun and a chance to get those creative juices flowing and your day can really start to look up. To keep morale high, it helps to give team members the opportunity to participate in fun holiday-themed contests. At Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital, their pumpkin decorating contest was a blast. You can see from the winners’ smiles they enjoyed the challenge.


Littleton Animal HospitalLittleton Animal Hospital - Littleton, Massachusetts
Helping the community can look different from location to location. At Littleton Animal Hospital, they invited the local Daisy Girl Scout Troop in to hear from Dr. Spendley. They got a behind-the-scenes tour of the hospital, including the treatment area, surgical area, and some X-rays from past cases! The girls learned so much and enjoyed the special treatment they received from the team.


Hampstead Animal HospitalHampstead Animal Hospital - Hampstead, New Hampshire
Charley was in for a wellness exam with Dr. Spencer at Hampstead Animal Hospital. He is doing great. After helping him through his visit, the team had to capture him in his pawsome carrier. We believe it is a prerequisite that if a pet carrier backpack comes into the hospital, a team member must put it on to model it.



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