Heartwarming & Exciting News from our Practices

Heartwarming & Exciting News from our Practices
Found on the side of the road, this kitten is enjoying a new life
June 28, 2022

We’re kicking this blog off with a heartwarming story followed by some exciting new patients, and a huge congrats to a team member. Stories like these are not rare, but what is rare is the group of unbelievable practices and amazing individuals we have in our network.


Bay View Veterinary ClinicBay View Veterinary Clinic - Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Chelsie, a vet assistant at Bay View Veterinary Clinic, was on her way into the clinic with her dog Koda and they saw a kitten tumble out from underneath a truck on the road. She pulled over and found it cowering in the bushes and rushed it to Bay View. Other than a scuffed-up nose, the kitten was just fine and now Chelsie is looking for the perfect name for her new furbaby.


North East Animal HospitalNorth East Animal Hospital - North East, Pennsylvania
Community events are picking up this summer and we are happy to see it. North East Animal Hospital created goodie bags that will go to the first 75 pets signed up for the local Pet Parade. This year’s theme is “Super Heroes”, where both pets and their parents dress up.


Somerset Animal HospitalSomerset Animal Hospital - Village, Kansas
It is exciting news when you get a visit from an animal you have never had in the office. It was a big first for the team at Somerset Animal Hospital to see Zelda the rat. The team said she was so cute and did a great job.


Gray-New Gloucester Animal HospitalGray-New Gloucester Animal Hospital - Gray, Maine
Another moment to celebrate is when a Sphynx kitten stops by. This is Archie who was visiting Gray-New Gloucester. He was a big hit with everyone!


Brookside Veterinary ClinicBrookside Veterinary Clinic - Auburn, New York
It is that bittersweet time of year when our practices say goodbye to those newly accepted to vet school. Brookside Veterinary Clinic celebrated Brandi with a sweet party. She will be dearly missed.





We had some big news this week but don’t forget to check out our last blog, too.

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