Check Out Headspace, Our Newest Emotional Wellbeing Benefit

Check Out Headspace, Our Newest Emotional Wellbeing Benefit

May 4, 2020

Enrollment is now open for Headspace, the mindfulness program that we are currently offering as a new wellness benefit to all our full-time employees.

Headspace is a digital mental health program you can use anywhere, it is scientifically proven to cut stress, reduce burnout, and increase positivity. It is your personal guide to mindfulness and meditation. 

Why Headspace?

It is the most science-backed meditation app in the world.

  • Just one 15-minute meditation can improve your focus by 22%
  • 10 days of using Headspace can reduce negative emotions by 28% 
  • One month of Headspace can cut your stress by a third 
  • Sleepcasts and sleep music can help you rest better


Find out more about Headspace.

Get Started Today

Signing up is simple:

  • Follow this link to VetCor’s employee enrollment page
  • Set up your Headspace account
  • Verify with your employee ID (which is your username in Dayforce)
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