Looking Good, Feline Good

Looking Good, Feline Good

July 2, 2024

We have the dog days of summer, but this is the age of the felines at our practices. Check out these sassy cats that came in recently to get the love and care they deserve from our hospitals.

Briargate Boulevard Animal HospitalBriargate Boulevard Animal Hospital - Colorado Springs, Colorado
The team at Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital is well-equipped to handle all of these kittens. The hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the staff is Fear Free Certified. This means they deliver quality care while mitigating stress for their patients and clients. All of these babies have found homes, but the team was so grateful to have the chance to snuggle all of them.


Purrfect Care Feline Medical CenterPurrfect Care Feline Medical Center - Columbus, Ohio
These foster kittens are celebrities according to the team at Purrfect Care Feline Medical Center. Dr. Cohn is fostering these little floofs and recently brought them in for a wellness visit. The kittens are part of PetPromise, Inc., a nonprofit in Ohio that rescues animals from high-kill shelters and helps them find their fur-ever homes.


Kentwood Cat Clinic NorthKentwood Cat Clinic North - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Link is a special patient at Kentwood Cat Clinic North and he was named the July Cat of the Month. His mom met him at an adoption event and fell in love. The team at Kentwood gave Link a check-up and found out he has a double-jointed tail. He is a pro at hiding milk bottle caps and has a sixth sense for when Churu is about to be opened. Link is loving his life with his siblings Mas, Samus, and Roxie.


Hillsdale Animal HospitalHillsdale Animal Hospital - Advance, North Carolina
Don’t let his size fool you, Penguin is just a kitten. Weighing in at 11 pounds at just nine months old this kitty was quite popular at Hillsdale Animal Hospital. As a Maine Coon, Penguin is due to grow even more. His breed is known to be extroverted and playful, and great swimmers. They are also the official state cat of Maine.


Weymouth Landing Cat ClinicWeymouth Landing Cat Clinic - Weymouth, Massachusetts
We love a good foster fail story. A foster fail is when a foster pet becomes a permanent part of the family. This is Lola, who was being fostered by Elisa one of the technicians at Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic. It didn’t take long to realize Lola wasn’t going anywhere. It is amazing how many of our team members support their local shelters by fostering pets. We are so glad this lovely lady found her perfect match.


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