The Facilities Team is Bringing Visions to Life

The Facilities Team is Bringing Visions to Life

February 22, 2023

The facilities team does a lot of work behind the scenes, but having this experienced team manage our hospital spaces is a major benefit of being part of the VetCor network. Since we last checked in with the facilities team, they have had many projects started and completed. 

Last fall was a time to celebrate for Lincoln Animal Hospital in Lincoln, Rhode Island. In November, they completed their renovation which began in June of 2022. They were continuing to grow and were seeing more patients, so their goal was to create a better workflow that would allow them to have space for more appointments. The work included a relocated reception desk with an updated lobby, an expanded pharmacy, and an additional exam room. All exam rooms were upgraded to include new computers and exam tables. The treatment area now has state-of-the-art lighting and a new table for procedures. There is also fresh paint and new flooring throughout. 

Lincoln Animal Hospital

The team at Especially Pets in New Albany, Indiana is going through a renovation that is nearly complete. This construction will give them an additional exam room, a separate break room, office, dedicated pharmacy/lab area, surgery suite, dental/treatment area, and an X-ray room. They also decided to convert the attached garage to house their washer/dryer, a dog run, cage bank, and utility tub—making the garage into usable space.

Especially Pets

Aesthetically speaking, this office received all-new LED lighting, new flooring, new cabinets and countertops, and new paint and trim. They have had their fair share of challenges, but Jessica Shelley, Facilities Project Coordinator said that “the management team at the hospital handled it with grace, maintaining their sight on the end goal of a more beautiful and functional hospital!"


The facilities team is not only responsible for renovations, but many other important tasks that don’t come with photos. They handle the network's real estate needs, help manage landlord relations, lease extensions, and the identification of new site options when needed.

If you are a part of the VetCor family find out more about the facilities team by reaching out to your Hospital Manager or Regional Manager.