The Facilities Team is Breathing New Life into Our Hospitals

The Facilities Team is Breathing New Life into Our Hospitals

September 19, 2023

The facilities team has continued to make big strides forward with the mission to make the most of our hospitals’ potential. Faced with the unique needs from our over 840 hospitals, the team is dedicated to applying their knowledge to exceed expectations. So far this year, they have relocated four hospitals and expanded two more. On the horizon, there are five locations with expansions in process or near completion.

There are two recently completed hospitals, each with their own special story—Norwell Veterinary Hospital in Norwell, MA, and Prosper North Animal Medical Center in Prosper, TX. Both hospitals worked alongside the facilities team to complete some amazing projects.

We have been following Norwell Veterinary Hospital’s progress and are happy to share that they are completely finished with their expansion. Hospital Manager, Liz Macdonald, has seen this transformation from day one. Of course expanding means there are disruptions, “The biggest challenge we have had to face is the constant adapting to change. It felt like each month a new part of the hospital was shut down and we would all have to move equipment, computers, etc. to make a working environment. The good moments were our team pulling together to help move and set things up. I was so proud of my team coming together and we are truly closer because of the renovations.” 



Liz also shared that Chief of Staff, Dr. Horigan, was integral in the conception and realization of the new space with the facilities team, “Our Chief of Staff has been amazing and her ideas for the hospital have set us apart from other local hospitals! Each exam room is named after an employee pet and has a custom picture of that pet on the door, they are stunning! Dr. Horigan spent many days coming up with a new logo for the hospital that would be more visible to the eye. I can go on and on about the time and effort she has put into the renovations of NVH.”

Prosper North Animal Medical Center is the first of its kind for the facilities team. This location was their first hospital rebuilt from the ground up. They worked closely with the hospital team and Dr. Tucker as a joint venture to create a state-of-the-art space tailored to the needs of their community.


Prosper NorthDr. Tucker shared just how impactful the facilities team was on this project, “From conception to completion, the collaboration between Vetcor and our team was always productive and resulted in an amazing practice. While we were able to exercise freedom with hospital design, finish out, and equipment selection, Vetcor's resources and purchasing power facilitated the process greatly.” As with many projects, Prosper North’s creation benefited from the help of other support departments, “The biggest hurdle we faced was equipment procurement in the face of supply chain issues. Without Vetcor's procurement team and Vetcor's presence in the industry, we never would have been able to acquire the items necessary to start servicing patients at the time of office completion. Before and after occupying the space, Vetcor's marketing team managed our online presence and provided resources for on-site events.”

It is a special moment when projects are completed and we love to recognize these huge milestones. Behind the scenes our facilities team is leveraging their knowledge, collaborating with other support team members, and listening to the needs of hospital staff to create amazing spaces for our patients, clients, and team members. 

If you are a part of Team Vetcor, you can find out more about the facilities team by reaching out to your Hospital Manager or Regional Manager.