How Our Network Spurs Conversations Around Efficiency

How Our Network Spurs Conversations Around Efficiency
June 21, 2022

When you have amazing people working together, there are bound to be some outstanding results. We see it happen between our practice teams each and every week during the Innovative Solutions weekly call. This standing meeting for hospital managers and chiefs of staff is where ideas and thoughts are shared in an open forum. The discussions are truly a testament to everyone’s dedication to their practice and their clients. The most recent topic of conversation was practice efficiency.

Practice efficiency doesn’t have to hinge on a large overhaul, like going paper lite. Instead, teams have found that making small changes can be quite impactful. These are some ideas that have already started to help team members make the most of their time.

Say goodbye to the fax machine. Instead of faxing patient information to other veterinary services, such as groomers that may not have email, email the client directly and have them deliver the necessary information. Skip the fax and use the practice software to authorize scripts for online pharmacies. This eliminates the possibility of the doctor’s signature and license number falling into the wrong hands and also takes minutes off the process.  It may not sound like much, but with any given practice providing up to 400 prescriptions a month, those minutes add up.

Utilize practice software and electronic reminder platforms. The practice software at our veterinary hospitals offers many functions but, without a little help and guidance, the software manuals can be daunting. Here again, is where Hospital Managers and Chiefs of Staff come together with our Operations team. The weekly meeting gives time and space for the teams to help each other and go even more in-depth one-on-one meetings if needed. Some features of the software include canned labels for prescriptions and auto-populated expiration dates. Electronic reminder platforms can offer texting capabilities for client outreach to help save time (when appropriate) rather than calling. Practices have found that using these functions has given them back significant time in their day (up to 2 hours!).

If you are part of the VetCor network and want to find out more about these efficiency tips and how they can help at your practice please reach out to your hospital manager. We can’t wait to hear about what the Innovation team comes up with next to help our practices conquer their challenges.