National Pet Dental Health Month

National Pet Dental Health Month

February 17, 2023

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Sponsored by American Veterinary Medical Association, the goal is to promote dental health. At our hospitals, we are committed to providing quality care to our patients and treat dental health as an important factor in their overall health. Read about some team members who are sharing their skills, expanding their knowledge, or helping out in the community using their dentistry expertise.

Calling All Creatures

The team at Calling All Creatures Veterinary Hospital hosted a lunch and learn and brought in a group of local veterinary dentistry specialists earlier this month. Dr. Lauren DiLorenzo, COS recommended setting aside this time for the group to focus on refreshing their knowledge of taking radiographs. Learning new techniques will potentially increase efficiency and cut down on the time spent on them. The team really enjoyed being able to take the radiographs on the models and learned a lot through each other's questions throughout the lunch.


Stephanie Lead Tech

At Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital, the team came together to share their knowledge of dental radiographs with others, including Stephanie, the Lead Technician at the practice. Between the hospital manager, Kaylee, Madison, a CVT, and Dr. Turmene all lending their expertise, Stephanie feels 100% supported as she gains the skills and confidence to take radiographs. As a group, they have been working to make more people on the team comfortable with this procedure. Stephanie adds, “It is something I strive to excel in, but it's definitely more difficult than it may at first seem. I'm looking forward to the journey to becoming a better-skilled individual when it comes to dental procedures.”

Dr. Erich Rachwitz

Our network of passionate, skilled employees is very active in giving back to their communities and helping others gain new skills. Dr. Erich Rachwitz, Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College and Chief of Staff at Twin Creek Animal Hospital performs pro-bono dentistry for more than a dozen local law enforcement departments and is the veterinary dentist at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. Recently Dr. Rachwitz has been busy speaking and educating professionals on topics in veterinary dentistry at the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association. He also presents on dentistry in our virtual rounds as part of ongoing education through VetLife here at VetCor.

We are proud of the contributions our team makes to enhance the dental care of our patients and their drive to share their knowledge and continue to build upon their skills.