Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at VetCor

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at VetCor

June 26, 2023

Embracing diversity and providing an inclusive environment is important. With over 15,000 team members spread across 830 animal hospitals in the US and Canada, as well as in four service centers located in Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, and Washington, VetCor's DEI Group is driving positive change.

Established in July 2020, the DEI Group is dedicated to continuously advancing DEI initiatives and setting industry benchmarks to promote diversity and inclusivity within the company and the veterinary field. The group works to create a supportive setting that values and respects the unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of team members. By collaborating with various stakeholders and leveraging the expertise of their diverse workforce, the DEI Group has developed a range of impactful programs and projects.

Latinx Veterinary Medical Association (LVMA) and the University of California, Davis (UC Davis)Inclusivity: At a recent panel event hosted in partnership with the Latinx Veterinary Medical Association (LVMA) and the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), panelists shared their experiences and insights, inspiring students and aspiring veterinarians. This event aimed to promote inclusivity within veterinary clinics and guide applicants in finding clinics that prioritize diversity. The panel featured esteemed speakers, including Dr. Marsida Rosa, a Chief of Staff at Sunridge Animal Hospital in Nevada and a graduate of Tuskegee University, and Drs. Anika Rampino and Rebecca Rosas, both recent graduates of UC Davis and associates at Chico Cat Clinic in California

Youth Engagement: Another significant project undertaken by the DEI Group is the youth engagement program. Knowing the importance of fostering the next generation's interest in veterinary medicine, the group collected data on vocational programs with veterinary curricula near VetCor practice locations. They established relationships with local vocational programs, such as the New Market Skills Center in Thurston County, where they provided valuable resources and support. The youth engagement team has also participated in the Griffin School District Science Fair and provided students with a fun activity raffle for a chance to win a Vet, Set, Go book and a Beneath the Skin, Scale, Fur, and Feather Animal Anatomy book. 

Language Diversity: Recognizing the importance of language accessibility, the DEI Group’s bilingual project aims to ensure effective communication with team members. Professional translation services have been enlisted to translate employee handbooks, including those for our US Mainland, California, and Canadian employees. The DEI group aspires to expand this initiative to include other employee materials by the end of this year. Additionally, our hospitals have Workplace Rights Posters available in English, Spanish, and other languages upon request. By providing multilingual resources and supporting language diversity, the group aims to enhance the experience and inclusivity of our team members and the communities they serve.

VetCor understands that success lies in the people who make up their outstanding teams and fosters company-wide initiatives to support them. Steps have been taken so everyone has an equal chance to thrive:

  • Promote inclusivity by addressing issues like harassment, supporting preferred pronoun display, and expanding employee community groups
  • Encourage and support gatherings and celebrations in each local hospital and service center across our organization
  • Support team members with citizenship outside the U.S. through work VISAs

VetCor's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing journey. Through the DEI Group and company-wide initiatives, we continue to create an environment where team members can feel respected, valued, and empowered. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.