Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at VetCor

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at VetCor

December 22, 2022

We have experienced amazing growth this year and strengthened our network with more talented team members. We take our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion seriously as we continue to add to our family. This coming year will bring more opportunities to hear from our DEI team and how they are following their mission. We will see some of the programs and campaigns from this year carry over.

Our hospital team members continue to take advantage of the AVMA’s Brave Space Certificate Program. In this program, there are seven self-led modules, each worth 1 CE, which go over diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as interpersonal violence and workplace harassment. If you are a VetCor team member, you are able to use your CE benefits towards the cost of this program. 

“The program covers many topics to promote a more inclusive workplace, and I have used several examples from the program in live situations. Overall, I am confident that I am supporting an inclusive workplace and have the tools needed to discuss and handle any issues regarding diversity. I highly recommend it.” - Cassie Linley, Director of Operations

Looking into the new year, the DEI team will share information about a new AVMA program, Journey for Teams. This program provides a deeper dive into fostering the advancement of diversity, equity, and including in veterinary settings. Dr. Chad Harris, VP Veterinary Leadership adds, “We feel that it will be another amazing tool for our employees.”

An outreach strategy to teach students in grades K-12 about veterinary medicine is underway. A team of leaders and individuals in our network will help create tools and resources that hospitals can use in their own communities or extended communities to attract and inspire younger generations of diverse backgrounds.

DEI Mission: VetCor cultivates its culture by embracing the uniqueness of our community, both internal and external, and by building upon its strengths through education, mentorship, and meaningful communication.

If you would like to learn more about DEI at VetCor please reach out to diversitymatters@vetcor.com.