Celebrating Diversity Lead by DEI

Celebrating Diversity Lead by DEI

May 24, 2022

You may have read or seen what the DEI group has been up to over the past year, such as promoting AVMA’s Brave Space Certificate Program and putting on a panel event for students on diversity in vet med. They have also solidified their mission statement which in part reads: 

VetCor cultivates its culture by embracing the uniqueness of our community, both internal and external, and by building upon its strengths through education, mentorship, and meaningful communication.

A small but meaningful role the DEI team takes on is celebrating the diversity we have across all of our practices. During Hispanic Heritage Month, the team compiled tips and ideas on how to celebrate our team members from the Hispanic and LatinX communities. They encouraged practices to share stories of their team and how their heritage and culture may have helped them in their careers. They also provided links to educational resources about Hispanic Heritage Month and how to honor this culture.

For Black History Month we had the privilege of hearing directly from some of our team members about their experiences in vet med. Through the DEI team, the whole VetCor network got to learn more about the different perspectives and paths of their fellow employees. The group also highlighted the impact of some of the historical figures in vet med.

If you would like to learn more about DEI at VetCor please reach out to diversitymatters@vetcor.com.