Compassionate Care Every Day

Compassionate Care Every Day

December 7, 2023

Compassionate care takes many forms in our hospitals. Sometimes that means crawling in a kennel or sharing your sweatshirt with a furry friend! Our team members go the extra mile to provide comfort and make connections with their patients.


Trusty VetTrusty Vet - Huntsville, Alabama
To get ready for Roo’s dental visit, Dr. Bradshaw took the time to curl up with her in the kennel. It was this loving touch that eased Roo enough, though she looks like she was still a bit skeptical, to get through her vitals. She had a great visit getting her teeth cleaned and checked by the team at Trusty Vet.


The Animal Hospital of CelinaThe Animal Hospital of Celina - Celina, Texas
Part of Dr. Vadala’s care is to provide body heat cuddles after surgery. Nassa was an excellent patient during her procedure and enjoyed all the love and attention as she recovered. Luckily she was small enough to tuck into a sweatshirt. The team at Animal Hospital of Celina treats all the furbabies they see as if they were their own.


Countryside Veterinary Medical GroupCountryside Veterinary Medical Group - Queensbury, New York
This is a serval, a wild cat native to Africa. This little one lives at the nearby zoo and the team, along with Dr. Keller, at Countryside Veterinary Medical Group were so excited to have them visit. They treated his sore leg and, as you can tell, was very at ease with Dr. Keller. Wild animals appreciate fear free visits, too!


Salem Animal HospitalSalem Animal Hospital - Salem, New Hampshire
When patients and clients come in for their visit at Salem Animal Hospital, they have the option to use some calming tools in the lobby even before their visit starts. This includes calming pheromone (Adaptil) sprayed bandanas for canine patients and pheromone (Feliway) sprayed towels to drape over the cat carriers. They recognize that, just like people, an animal’s mental and emotional health is an important part of their care.


Bradford Hills Veterinary HospitalBradford Hills Veterinary Hospital - Wexford, Pennsylvania
Maine Coon cats brighten everyone’s day, but Simba might have made Dr. Braun’s and the entire team at Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital’s whole week. There are so many toe beans, too many to count. Dr. Braun is known for her amazing care of felines, and she has more Maine Coon patients, too—lucky her!


Here are just a handful of the things our hospitals are thankful for this holiday season.

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