Taking Care of Pets and People

Taking Care of Pets and People

January 30, 2024

The level of compassion our team members have for their patients is unsurmountable, but what comes close is the connection they have with each other. They both demand a lot of effort and time and they both make a huge impact.

Ceres Veterinary ClinicCeres Veterinary Clinic - Ceres, California
The team at Ceres Veterinary Clinic never misses an opportunity to recognize birthdays. They have the coolest headband for the staff to wear on their special day and everyone gets to enjoy a break and a treat. They don’t just do it for the humans either. Meet Deebo—the team celebrated his first birthday and, of course, he has his own headwear. They said Deebo really loves to party, so he is at the right place!


West Lake Animal HospitalWest Lake Animal Hospital - Taylorsville, Utah
The team at West Lake Animal Hospital was glad they got permission to post this adorable feline. Matilda has quite a story, appearing in her dad’s engine bay while his car was parked at work. Luckily, she was extracted safely. The team is so excited when Matilda comes to visit.


Central Animal HospitalCentral Animal Hospital - Petaluma, California
Celebrating any day of recognition is a great way to have a little fun. The team at Central Animal Hospital chose to go big for National Popcorn Day. They are quite serious about popcorn and made sure they went all out to recognize the true greatness of this delicacy. Having a popcorn bar with every type of topping you can imagine for the team to nibble on throughout the day was definitely a hit.


Sierra Pet ClinicSierra Pet Clinic - Truckee, California
Reception pets are so endearing that sometimes clients just want to hang out in the waiting area. Many of our hospitals are lucky enough to have one (or two!) who act as greeters and even help set the vibe at the reception desk. At Sierra Pet Clinic, they have this extremely handsome reception doggo. Rocky is showing off his new burgundy bandana here. He is Dr. Swalander's sidekick and takes his job very seriously.


Animal Health Care ClinicAnimal Health Care Clinic - Clearwater, Florida
This is what it looks like when you nail your vet visit. Last Friday Animal Health Care Clinic had the best boy in for a check-up. After a great appointment, he was up for a little photo session with Dr. Calhoun and Jaclynn.


Staying warm in the cold months is made easier by our snuggly patients.

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