Caring for Everything from Puppies to Piglets

Caring for Everything from Puppies to Piglets
July 2, 2021

If you think you’ve seen our practice teams’ cutest patients, you better keep reading. Beyond the obvious delight at being able to see adorable animals every day, our teams are just grateful to be able to care for their clients' pets and, in some cases, welcome their clients back inside. If you need to do a little catching up on our intro to summer, check out our last blog post.

Animal Hospital at the CrossingAnimal Hospital at the Crossing - Champaign, Illinois
The team at Animal Hospital at the Crossing welcomed this ray of sunshine to their practice last week. Little Nacho, the 10-week-old orange tabby, stopped by for his kitty wellness exam, and we’re happy to report that his heart of gold matches his beautiful mane. Needless to say, the team was completely over the moon (or sun?) about him.


Companion Animal CareCompanion Animal Care - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
The team at Companion Animal Care takes dog training seriously. That is - until it’s time for these adorable puppy graduation hats to come out; then it's all fun and games. This very good boy is representing the novice graduating class and, as you can see, he’s very proud of his hard work. And so are we. Congratulations!


Riverside Animal HospitalRiverside Animal Hospital - Riverside, Rhode Island
Where there are two piglets, there are usually more. Dr. Vezza and the Riverside Animal Hospital team had a total of four piglets to see first thing in the morning - what a way to start off the day. We’re glad she was able to wrangle two for this adorable picture though. They were total hams for the camera. Pun intended.


Spartanburg Animal Clinic Spartanburg Animal Clinic - Spartanburg, South Carolina
We know it’s not nice to play favorites, but how can Chi Chi Hinkle deny the fact that he and his vet tech, Oliver, have the same exact smile? These two are old friends and they have a wonderful connection. That said, Chi Chi told us to let you know that he thinks the rest of the Spartanburg team is okay too.

Royston Animal HospitalRoyston Animal Hospital - Royston, Georgia
Things look a little bit different at some of our practices these days. For instance, our teams see a lot more of their patients’ human siblings than they used to. This is Scarlet and her new furry BFF, Bella, who came in for a puppy exam. Bella did a great job and the team at Royston Animal Hospital looks forward to watching both of these young ladies grow.

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