VetCor Welcomes 8 New Practices

VetCor Welcomes 8 New Practices

July 25, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome eight new practices to VetCor! Join us in extending a warm welcome to the following practices as they become part of our ever-growing veterinary network:

  • Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach, Redondo Beach, CA
  • Walk-In Veterinary Care, Apollo Beach, FL
  • Center for Animal Health, Edwardsburg, MI
  • Animal Hospital North, Hickory, NC
  • Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, Verona, PA
  • Highland Knolls Veterinary Hospital, Highland Knolls, TX 
  • Spring Green Pet Clinic, Katy, TX
  • West Seattle Animal Hospital, Seattle, WA

Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach, Redondo Beach, CA

Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach has been a trusted and compassionate companion animal care center since its founding in 1986. With over three decades of dedicated service to the community, the clinic has built a strong reputation for providing exceptional veterinary care to pets of all shapes and sizes. Their team of skilled veterinarians and support staff are committed to ensuring the well-being and health of every furry family member that walks through their doors. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to advanced medical treatments, Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach offers comprehensive and personalized care, making it a go-to destination for pet owners seeking high-quality veterinary services. Their passion for animals and commitment to excellence have made them an integral part of the local community and a beloved resource for pet owners throughout the years.

Walk-In Veterinary Care, Apollo Beach, FL

Walk-In Veterinary Care is a revolutionary addition to the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Gibsonton area in Florida, offering a fresh approach to pet healthcare. Founded in 2018 by veterinarian Dr. Kristina Ramer, the hospital aims to provide accessible and immediate veterinary services without the need for prior appointments. By eliminating appointment requirements, Walk-In Veterinary Care not only lowers costs for pet owners but also grants more flexibility to their skilled veterinarians and dedicated support staff. The clinic's unique concept has been warmly embraced by the community, as it offers a hassle-free experience for area pet owners seeking top-quality care for their beloved companions.

Center for Animal Health, Edwardsburg, MI

Center for Animal Health, located in Edwardsburg, MI, is on a mission to provide exceptional, compassionate, and affordable veterinary care for all their furry patients. Their dedicated team of highly trained professionals treats each pet with the utmost care and kindness, striving to create a fear-free environment for them. Committed to improving the lives of pets and their owners, the clinic offers personalized attention and utilizes the latest medical advancements. As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited clinic since 1999, they uphold the highest standards of veterinary medicine, ensuring the best possible care for every pet. Whether it's routine wellness care, urgent and emergency care, specialty surgical services, or physical rehab, the Center for Animal Health is equipped to meet all their patients' needs. With a focus on enhancing the bond between pets and their families, the clinic welcomes new clients and takes pride in being Fear Free and Feline Friendly certified. At the Center for Animal Health, they are dedicated to caring for pets, one paw at a time.

Animal Hospital North, Hickory, NC

Animal Hospital North in Hickory, NC, is a trusted and comprehensive companion animal facility serving the Catawba County area. Committed to providing top-quality care throughout every stage of a pet's life, the clinic offers a wide range of services and state-of-the-art facilities. From routine preventative care for young and healthy pets to early detection and disease treatment as pets age, the team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and longevity of each furry family member. Pet owners will find a caring and attentive partner in their pet's healthcare journey, as the staff at Animal Hospital North takes the time to understand each pet's unique needs, age, lifestyle, and other considerations, tailoring treatment options to suit their specific situation. With a genuine belief in the special role pets play in families, they aim to build a lasting and trusting relationship with clients and their beloved companions.

Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, Verona, PA

Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic in Verona, PA, is a highly regarded full-service veterinary facility, catering to the diverse needs of pets in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas since 1980. As a comprehensive clinic, they offer a wide range of services, including routine spays, neuters, vaccinations, wellness examinations, dental care, and major and minor surgeries. With a team of qualified veterinarians practicing state-of-the-art medicine, the clinic is equipped to handle complicated medical, surgical, and dental issues. They take a personalized approach to pet care, ensuring each furry patient receives the best possible treatment to maintain a high quality of life. Over the years, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic has grown and evolved into a modern veterinary facility, offering an array of services, including monitoring with ECG, pulse examination, blood pressure, and temperature monitors. For pet owners seeking compassionate and advanced veterinary services, the clinic remains a reliable and trusted option in the Pittsburgh area.

Highland Knolls Veterinary Hospital, Highland Knolls, TX 

Highland Knolls Veterinary Hospital, located in Highland Knolls, TX, is a trusted and compassionate veterinary practice dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for pets. Whether it's routine check-ups, vaccinations, or treatment for serious medical conditions, their team of experienced veterinarians is committed to offering top-notch and compassionate services. With a genuine love for animals, they treat every pet as if they were part of their own family. The practice takes pride in having skilled and caring veterinarians, led by Dr. Mark Purser, who has been practicing veterinary medicine since completing his doctorate degree at Texas A&M in 1988. Clients in the area can rely on Highland Knolls Veterinary Hospital for attentive and personalized care, as the veterinarians are always ready to listen to concerns and answer questions about their pet's health. The hospital ensures that pets receive the attention and care they need to lead happy and healthy lives.

Spring Green Pet Clinic, Katy, TX

Spring Green Pet Clinic has built a reputation for providing compassionate and dedicated care to pets. The veterinary team, comprised of pet owners and animal lovers, treats every furry patient with the same love and attention they would give to their own pets. Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their beloved companions are in capable and caring hands at Spring Green Pet Clinic. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, from routine and preventative care to surgical treatments and microchipping. Regardless of a pet's life stage, the veterinarian team is dedicated to delivering excellent care to ensure the well-being and health of all their patients. Proudly serving the surrounding areas of Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, and Richmond, Spring Green Pet Clinic is a trusted destination for pet owners seeking reliable and compassionate veterinary services.

West Seattle Animal Hospital, Seattle, WA

West Seattle Animal Hospital, situated in the heart of Seattle, WA, is a locally owned small business dedicated to delivering top-notch veterinary services with a personal touch. Recognizing the individuality of each pet and their owner, the compassionate staff at West Seattle Animal Hospital goes above and beyond to provide personalized care that ensures comfort and well-being for all. Their approach to medicine is not only backed by modern technology but also infused with empathy and sensitivity, fostering a caring and supportive environment. As a trusted veterinary practice, West Seattle Animal Hospital values the trust and confidence placed in them by pet owners, and they take pride in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality services. For pet owners seeking exceptional veterinary care coupled with genuine compassion, West Seattle Animal Hospital is the ideal choice.

We are overjoyed to welcome these wonderful practices to our network!