VetLife on Slack: DVMs Join the Conversation

VetLife on Slack: DVMs Join the Conversation

January 21, 2022

VetCor is a vibrant network of veterinary professionals, each with their own backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Connecting team members across the country so they can get the most out of each other’s experiences is one reason life is better at VetCor. Creating these connections is easier than ever thanks to Vet Leaders, Dr. Haag and Dr. Mey, and instant messaging and file sharing app, Slack.

Drs. Haag and Mey have set up a Slack group for all VetCor veterinarians called VetLife.This Slack group allows our veterinarians to connect, share knowledge, ask questions, trade ideas, and collaborate with doctors who otherwise wouldn’t cross paths. 

With over 400 members, VetLife on Slack provides real-time medical case support for both traditional and exotic patients to all our veterinarians no matter where they practice!

VetLife on Slack has a handful of discussion groups, known as channels, that members participate in:

  • Exotics - a valuable resource for any VetCor veterinarian to share cases or pose questions about exotic pet care and medicine.
  • Medical Case Support - a platform for VetCor veterinarians to share cases and provide medical support to each other, typically in real-time.
  • New Grad Life - a place for new grad veterinarians to connect, share ideas, and gain community.
  • COS team - a forum for VetCor Chiefs to exchange ideas on a variety of topics such as leadership, personnel management, mentorship, and much more.

The newly added exotics channel already has detailed cases posted by members. This channel offers specific, custom advice from experienced vets and Vet Leaders - a valuable resource for both seasoned exotics veterinarians and those who do not see exotic pets regularly. Anyone is welcome to ask a question to the group! 

Vets weigh in on Beaky, a 29yr old female Umbrella Cockatoo with a hernia and feather destructive behavior.

VetLife on Slack is a growing community with plans to offer additional fun ways to meet the needs of our doctors and to help them further engage with each other. It is meant to be friendly, helpful, supportive, and an entirely additive resource for our fantastic veterinarians to get the most out of the VetCor network. 

If you are VetCor veterinarian interested in learning more about, or joining, VetLife on Slack please reach out to your Regional Manager to connect you with Dr. Sara Mey.