Two More Veterinary Practices Partner with VetCor

Two More Veterinary Practices Partner with VetCor

February 6, 2020

VetCor has partnered with two new animal hospitals – introducing Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie of Grand Prairie, Texas and High Plains Veterinary Hospital of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Originally founded in 1950 by Dr. Bob Wilson, Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie was purchased by Dr. Mark Sheets 39 years later. Since its founding, this full-service animal hospital has been providing high quality care to companion animals in the local community.

Prior to becoming the owner of the Animal Clinic, Dr. Sheets was a hospital director of the first 24 hour, full service pet hospital in the state of Texas. A 1978 graduate of Purdue University, he is particularly interested in general, orthopedic, and cosmetic surgery. He is also a Trustee of the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation.

He works alongside Drs. Bailey Schroeder, Amy Hakert, Elizabeth King, Mike Freeman, and Gene Giggleman. Each doctor brings their own unique expertise to the practice.

The doctors are supported by their longtime hospital manager, Diana Bradford, assistant hospital manager, Kerri Stines, and a hardworking team of veterinary technicians, pet care attendants, groomers, and receptionists.

Originally established in 2007 by Dr. Jessica McKenney, High Plains Veterinary Hospital has been providing high quality care to dogs and cats in the local community for the past 13 years.

A 2002 graduate of Iowa State University, Dr. McKenney worked in Washington state for several years before moving to Colorado to begin the practice. She is a specialist in ultrasound services.

Dr. McKenney works alongside Drs. Alison Bizzul, Emily Teepe, Katelyn Dart, Rachael Thielmann, and Katharine Kennedy. Collectively, the doctors have a wide range of special interests that help them provide exceptional care.

The doctors are supported by their hospital manager, Karen Frank, and a skilled group of veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, pet care attendants, and receptionists who love what they do.

High Plains Veterinary Hospital provides their clients with a variety of services, including wellness exams and vaccines, dentistry, surgery, and more.

We are thrilled to partner with two practices that strive to provide outstanding veterinary care to their patients, all while treating them as if they were their own. It is our pleasure to welcome Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie and High Plains Veterinary Hospital to the VetCor family!

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