DVMs Connect on Slack

DVMs Connect on Slack

December 27, 2021

The VetLife program is connecting VetCor doctors across the country! With the help of an app called Slack, DVMs have the ability to develop their skills and support each other on a virtual platform. Slack allows users to join a conversation, ask a question, and collaborate with colleagues through messaging and file sharing.

Do you have a tough case or an interesting x-ray? Share it on Slack! Connect with other VetCor doctors, get their input, or share unique experiences.

DVMs connect on Slack

Why join VetLife on Slack?

  • Collaborate with colleagues on tough cases 
  • Review intriguing cases
  • Provide case support
  • Get opinions from other vets across the VetCor network
  • Share your experience with others

How to Join
If you are a VetCor DVM interested in joining VetLife on Slack, please contact Dr. Sara Mey, smey@vetcor.com for more information. Be a part of the conversation and take advantage of VetCor’s nationwide network of veterinarians!