Practice Acquisitions

We enjoy meeting and speaking with practices owners. Call us and we will readily describe to you our valuation and purchase process, provide you with a reference list, and answer any other questions you might have as you consider the right partner for you and your practice's future. All inquiries will remain confidential.

We are happy to speak with you by phone or make an in person visit to see if we can help you meet your goals.

Peter DeFeo
Chief Development Officer and General Counsel
(781) 749-8151 x11

Brian Kimla
SVP of Practice Acquisitions
(339) 236-0581
Northeast Region

Tracy Emara
VP of Practice Acquisitions
(443) 871-6489
Mid-Atlantic Region

Kaity Blackburn
VP of Practice Acquisitions
(312) 758-2739
Midwest Region

Bryan Brackett
Practice Acquisition Manager
(207) 671-7868
New England Region

Kerrin Venafra
Practice Acquisition Manager
(470) 655-8300
NC/GA/TN Region

Dawn Michael
Practice Acquisition Manager
(816) 810-8311
Midwest - Missouri Region

Justin Martin
Practice Acquisition Manager
(740) 704-4906
Central Midwest Region

Eric Fuller
Practice Acquisitions Manager
(469) 389-8222
Texas Region

Lisa Burris
Practice Acquisition Manager
(770) 686-6041
Florida Region

Dan Gavis
Practice Acquisition Manager
(617) 901-0044