TechLife Continues to Grow

TechLife Continues to Grow
TechLife balances education and fun
March 8, 2023

TechLife is more than just a program, it is a movement that enhances the experience of the veterinary technicians in our network and makes a greater impact on the veterinary community through empowerment and support.  Since 2020, the reach of TechLife has grown along with the number of techs in our family of hospitals. It now offers more events than ever before, has helped an increasing number of techs with tuition support, and has cultivated a considerable online community on their Facebook group.

To meet the needs of our techs, TechLife has pulled together a number of online events that are both fun and educational. Back in October, Zoetis sponsored an "Overview of Dentistry for Technicians" that TechLife encouraged those interested to attend. This was open to all VetCor staff and the webinar went over nomenclature, charting, cleaning and polishing procedures, and radiographic positioning. In January, they piloted holiday Jeopardy and the format was a success. Sara, CVT, from Bayside Animal Hospital thought it was a blast and she learned a ton, “The best part of the TechLife Jeopardy wasn't just the trivia, which I loved, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to laugh and converse with other people within the VetCor TechLife family that I may not otherwise have the pleasure of meeting.” With a solid turnout, lots of fun, and of course fantastic prizes they will definitely host another one later this year. Coming up this month, TechLife is hosting an escape room event covering CRIs! There are two sessions to make it available for everyone. If you are a VetCor tech, be sure to ask your HM for more details.


Tuition Support
The tuition support program grants eligible employees additional funds to be spent towards the tuition of an AVMA-accredited program on the path to technician licensure. When Brooke, a customer care specialist at Bellwood Animal Hospital, first started classes her hospital manager, Lindsay, a CVT herself, told her about the program and helped get the process started. “I used my tuition support for needed materials for my course work such as my laptop and a few textbooks. Otherwise, the remainder of the support I put right back toward my monthly tuition payment…it was very helpful in paying off my overall tuition in a timely manner with less stress.” 

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Online Community
Along with a robust events calendar and financial assistance, TechLife shares valuable information on their private Facebook group and encourages others to ask questions on the platform. From compression sock recommendations and reminders of the in-person events VetCor will be attending, to examples of public-facing bulletins for clients and getting some sincere kudos on a perfect venipuncture, this forum is a wonderful resource for the techs in our network. Ramiro, a client care specialist from All Creature Features Animal Hospital, found out firsthand how supportive the online community is when he posted with a question about how to find another hospital in the network after he moves out of state, “I didn’t expect so many people to reach out to me after I posted in TechLife, people started responding to me and pointing me in the right direction to where my regional manager reached out to me. I couldn’t be more thankful! When everyone in the group started offering tips and suggestions I was so grateful for them because I didn’t know how to start this or where to go.”

Our techs know they can rely on each other and are a tight-knit group. TechLife has proven that provided events to attend, tuition support, a space to share and learn, and a newsletter to stay updated, this group will keep evolving and knows no bounds. As a VetCor tech, be sure to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and if you have any questions, please reach out to