Staying Connected While Working Remotely

Staying Connected While Working Remotely
A VetCor leadership team enjoys a light-hearted moment while connecting on their daily checkin call.
April 16, 2020

While many of us are adapting to using our dining table, kitchen table, or home desk as our new workspace, our field support team and our practices have also transitioned from helping each other and their patients in person to connecting with them virtually.

Over the past few weeks, working remotely has inspired different ways for our field support teams to stay connected. From offering advice and sharing best practices to simply celebrating successes, our field and practice leadership teams have been connecting virtually on a weekly basis. Face-to-face communication and collaboration with our practices has been made possible through the use of video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Unsurprisingly, our field support teams aren’t only ones adapting to a life of remote work. In fact, many of our practices are offering remote support and virtual appointments to their patients and clients. Through the use of telehealth appointments, our veterinarians are able to continue providing consultations to their clients, all from the comfort of their own home.

While telemedicine may be a new change for our clients, we’ve always searched for ways to create a better work-life balance for our hospital teams. A few years ago, we made remote log in available to all our managers and veterinarians to better balance their work and home life. Our practice teams can remotely access their hospital information systems to follow up with clients, read blood work results, and check schedules without sacrificing their personal time.

As we practice social distancing while navigating the unknown, we continue to find new ways to maintain and enhance the connections we’ve built with our team members, their clients, and their patients. Although the ways we’ve been connecting with our teams have changed, our desire to stay connected has not.

We’ve been urged to distance ourselves because of COVID-19, but thanks to technology, we’re able to remain connected as a company while providing needed care for our patients.