The 2019 Life at VetCor Wellbeing Rewards Program is Up and Running!

Get healthy using while earning rewards! Our 2019 Wellbeing Rewards Program is designed to make being physically, emotionally, and financially healthy fun and rewarding.

All VetCor employees are eligible to earn rewards points! The program runs from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

2019 Life at VetCor Wellbeing Rewards ProgramAbout Our Wellbeing Rewards Program:

Before December 31, 2019, complete the selected activities on to earn points and win prizes! Participants who achieve 75 points will receive $75, 100 points earns $100, 125 points earns $125, and 150 points earns $150. Those who earn 175 points or more will receive $150 and will be entered into a raffle to win an additional fabulous prize! Prizes will be awarded in your paycheck at the beginning of 2020. *

Prizes for the 2018 Wellbeing Rewards Program will be awarded in your paycheck on February 8th.

Getting Started:

Go to to register and track your progress. You will need either your BCBS subscriber number or, if you do not get insurance through BCBS, your non-member PIN. You can find your PIN on ADP in your current profile.

Contact if you do not have your BCBS subscriber number yet or if your pin is not on your ADP profile.

Wellness Component Points How Do I Earn Credits?
Preventive Well-Visit**

Max: 50

Points will be awarded for completing one of the following screenings:

- Routine physical exam
- Recommended age-based screenings

If you're a new BCBSMA subscriber, not a BCBSMA member, or your provider has determined your preventive well visit is not required during this time, please contact HR.

Health Assessment 25
Max: 25

25 points will be awarded upon completion of the online Health Assessment.

Challenges 25
Max: 50

If you successfully meet the challenge goal, your earned points will appear at the close of the challenge.
More information will be provided by VetCor when challenges become available.

Wellness Workshops*** 25
Max: 50

Points are awarded upon completion of the last week of the multi-session workshops.
Note, no points will be earned for the Flu or Advance Care Planning workshops.

* Wellbeing Rewards are calculated on an annual basis and will be distributed within 60 days of the start of 2020. Employees must be employed at the time of payment to receive Wellbeing Rewards.

** Please view the incentive program on for more information on screening guidelines.

*** Workshops will take a minimum of 4-7 weeks (depending on the length of the workshop) to complete, so plan the start of your workshop to ensure it is completed by the last day of the incentive program.