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We help veterinary students find mentorship and further develop their skills.

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Veterinary Internships
Joy Stoeckmann participated in an externship at Corcoran Pet Care Center in Corcoran, Minnesota and then joined their team as Dr. Stoeckmann after graduating from the University of Minnesota.

Students can gain valuable hands-on experience through our externship and summer jobs programs. View our externship flyer for more details or check out our list of paid summer job opportunities.

Our practices offer a variety of styles and approaches but all of them provide beneficial learning experiences to veterinary students looking to apply their knowledge in real life settings.

If you participate in our externship or summer job program, you can expect to be exposed to, or gain hands-on experience with, outpatient, inpatient, surgical, diagnostic, and dental skills.

Reach out to one of our recruiters for more information about current or upcoming externship opportunities.

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Veterinary Externships
Missy Iverson started out with VetCor as a vet tech at Falmouth Animal Hospital in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Now she's attending vet school at Ross University where she doubles as our student rep. We can't wait to welcome her back as Dr. Iverson in 2023!

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