Career Development

Since 1997, VetCor has helped practices – and their team members – thrive. We take pride in the support we offer our employees with career development and growth. Whether there's a doctor who wants to add a new skill to her repertoire, or a receptionist who dreams of managing a practice one day, we always encourage our team members to take their careers to the next level. Team growth and skill development is what makes VetCor thrive!

Dr. Julie Bergeron - SVP of Practice Support
2002 - Chief of Staff, New England Veterinary Clinic
2007 - Chief of Staff Advisor
2015 - Vice President of Operations

"When I first started at VetCor, I knew how to be a doctor. Throughout my years here, I’ve also learned how to run a business and be a leader. This company has given me the opportunity to not only advance my own career, but to mentor others to succeed as well."

Dr. Charles Tucker - Chief of Staff
2008 - Associate Veterinarian, New England Veterinary Clinic
2014 - Chief of Staff, Stratford Hills Veterinary Center

"Everyone I've met at VetCor, from top to bottom, has been excited about my success and provided me with the resources and mentoring I needed to help grow my practice while keeping its personality and character. It truly does feel like one big family here at VetCor!"

Stephanie Ragsdale - VP of Practice Management
2000 - Receptionist, Animal Hospital of Verona
2003 - Office Manager, Animal Hospital of Verona
2005 - Hospital Manager, Animal Hospital of Verona
2010 - Regional Trainer, WI and IL
2011 - Regional Manager, Midwest
2015 - Regional Operations Director

"Over the past 16 years, the variety in my roles has allowed me to constantly learn and take on new challenges. The opportunities to grow within VetCor have been endless. There are so many bright, caring, and down-to-earth people who have contributed to my journey here at VetCor. I wouldn't trade the people or my experience for the world."

Tracy Emara - VP of Practice Acquisitions
2005 - Veterinary Technician, Crofton Veterinary Center
2006 - Hospital Manager, Crofton Veterinary Center
2009 - Regional Manager, Mid Atlantic/South East
2013 - Practice Acquisition Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region
2017 - VP of Practice Acquisitions

"They say you never work a day in your life if you choose a job ​you love. And after almost 11 years, I still love my job and feel very fortunate to work at VetCor. I have been given tremendous opportunities by some great folks to experience many roles within the company, and have enjoyed them all. I look back on the memories fondly, and look forward to what the future holds."

Matt Campbell - Regional Manager
2013 - Hospital Manager, Devonshire Veterinary Clinic
2015 - Regional Trainer, IN, MI and KY
2016 - Regional Manager, IN, MI and KY

"When I worked for larger corporations in the past, I was only a statistic. But at VetCor, I am much more than a number. The leaders here genuinely care about my success, and make an effort to really get to know me. I feel acknowledged and rewarded as an integral part of the VetCor team. I love it!"

Victoria Brown - Senior Regional Manager
2011 - Hospital Manager, Animals' Hospital of Levittown
2012 - Regional Manager

"Career advancement can sometimes be limited in private practice, but VetCor has opened many doors for me. I’ve been fortunate to have talented mentors within the VetCor family who have helped me to sharpen my skills as a manager and grow as a leader. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be next!"