The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude at Work

Practicing gratitude is a great way to improve your emotional wellbeing which, in turn, positively affects your overall health. It motivates employees to do their best, leads to higher levels of empathy for others, and increases overall happiness. It’s easy to practice and the benefits are endless which is why you should actively try to foster emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

Thank you cardWe recently asked our doctors and hospital managers how they express their gratitude.

Their responses included:

1. Celebrating special occasions

For Christmas, the hospital manager at We Care Animal Hospital bought personalized ornaments for every staff member. At one year of service, team members at Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic receive a card and flowers. Every Easter, Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital hosts a team Easter egg hunt featuring candy-filled eggs and gift certificates.

2. Emphasizing specific individuals

At every team meeting, the hospital manager at Bay View Veterinary Clinic picks a team member that everyone will express their gratitude for. The hospital manager at West Allis Animal Hospital writes thank you cards to recognize individual team members for their hard work or for going above and beyond.

3. Giving out rewards for good work

South Mill Veterinary Clinic gives free ice cream tokens to employees who successfully handle difficult customer interactions. They also have a Catch Me at My Best box that team members can enter one another into when they’re caught doing good deeds. Those nominated are entered into a monthly drawing to receive a credit to their account.

4. Setting aside time for gratitude on a regular basis

At every team meeting, the hospital manager at Bay View Veterinary Clinic picks a team member that everyone will express their gratitude for. The team at the Animal Hospital of Verona does something similar by having staff members write positive messages - or “fluffies” - about each other and sharing them at staff meetings.

5. Making gratitude fun

Companion Animal Care, Primary Pet Care, and the Animals’ Hospital of Levittown have appreciation boards for employees to write thank you messages to one another. Brick Town Veterinary Hospital has a “happy jar” that allows staff to share kind words about each other and, like Brick Town, All Animals Veterinary Hospital has an It’s All Good jar.

6. Incorporating social media

Primary Pet Care gives gift cards to employees who are mentioned by name in online reviews. Port Cities Animal Hospital uses social media to congratulate new team members and celebrate work anniversaries. Companion Animal Care promotes Team Tuesdays on Facebook where they highlight one team member each week.

Other recommendations include sending thank you texts on a weekly basis, focusing on various support staff teams throughout the year, checking in on team members to ask them how they’re doing, setting up fun group events each month, such as Middleton Veterinary Hospital’s Fabulous Fridays, and paying special attention to employee pets.

All of these are wonderful ideas but even just regularly thanking your team members for a job well done can go a long way!