What Our Hiring Specialists Can Do For You

At VetCor, we are committed to the growth and success of all our employees. Our Recruiting team can help provide guidance and support, in more ways than one! Ask your friendly Hiring Specialist how they can help steer you in the right direction with the following career opportunities.

We offer:

  • Employee Referral Bonuses - We love our teams, and hope we can find more great people just like you! Earn an easy $5,000 if we hire your referred veterinarian, or $1,000 if we hire your referral for any other position.

  • Career Development - Looking to take the next step in your career with VetCor? We provide our team members with opportunities to grow through facilitating skill development, collaboration, and networking opportunities. Whether you’d like to throw your hat in the ring for a current opening, or just want to discuss your career growth goals, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Lend-A-Hand Program - VetCor practices near you may have temporary shift openings. Work a shift and save the day! Veterinarians earn $500 per 8-hour shift, and technicians and support staff earn time and a half. Please reach out to learn about opportunities near you!

  • Transfers – Thinking about a move? We may have job opportunities in your prospective new area. You can even keep your tenure and benefits if you stay within the VetCor Family! We encourage open and honest discussions, but respect any wishes to keep your plans discreet.

Please contact your Hiring Specialist if you would like to apply, refer a friend, or to simply learn more.

Carol Seiler  


Carol Seiler

Eastern PA, Mid-Atlantic & Hudson Valley


  Raquel Kruse - VetCor Hiring Specialist  

Raquel Kruse


Jess Bird - VetCor Hiring Specialist  


Jess Bird

New England & Upstate NY

  Katie Hanson - Vetcor Hiring Specialist  

Katie Hanson


 Farren Rice, Hiring Specialist  

Farren Rice

OH, Western PA, Long Island & Greater Buffalo NY