5 Ways to Make Your Work Day Healthier

It's a new year, so why not make healthy work habits a priority in 2017?

Follow these five simple steps for a less stressful work environment and a healthier, happier you:

healthy-lifesytle-350px1. Bring a healthy lunch

Meal prepping is the easiest way to kick temptation to the curb. Make sure you pack a well-balanced lunch every day, and that you have healthy snacks stored away, too. Or even better, eat healthy with a co-worker - each of you can bring part of a nutritious lunch to share.

2. Take a walk during your break

Even though you may be on your feet all day, the change in scenery can help clear your head. A quick walk outside can help you take your mind off of work, de-stress, and get some vitamin D in as well.

3. Stay hydrated

Don't forget to drink water throughout the day. Especially during these winter months when temperatures drop and the air gets drier, water is our best defense against dehydrated skin. Keep a water bottle tucked away in an area that clients can't see, but is easy for you to grab on the go.

4. Wash your hands

It's always important to wash your hands after meeting new clients or handling pets, but now it is especially important because it's flu season. Help stop the spread of germs by taking a quick minute to wash your hands with soap or sanitizer. 

5. Keep your work area clean

Shared work areas can be difficult to keep organized, and the clutter can negatively affect both you and your coworkers. Assign each team member an area in the practice and hold each other responsible for keeping it tidy.

Eat healthy with a co-worker- each of you can bring part of a nutritious lunch to share.