Beyond the Exam Room with Dr. Adam Christman

Meet Dr. Adam Christman – Co-Chief of Staff at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, Teacher, Trailblazer, Animal Rights Advocate, Local Celebrity and so much more.

As a young child, I was passionate about learning, loving animals, and being a leader. My parents wondered where I got all this drive, energy and enthusiasm from! Having been born and raised (and now practicing) in my hometown at the Jersey Shore in Brick, NJ, I always carried my passion for animals with me. My high school biology teacher (now a client of mine!) motivated me even further for my love of science.

Dr. Adam Christman with canine friendsI knew I wanted to be a veterinarian as I journeyed through life. But I also knew there was going to be more to my career beyond the exam room. I received my BS in Animal Science and minored in Spanish at Rutgers University. I had the privilege of combining my two loves (animals and the Spanish language) in Puerto Rico, doing my senior thesis on a dairy farm. That thesis certainly “MOO-ved” me up the ranks in being accepted to veterinary school at Iowa State University!

Over the years, it’s been such an honor to journey through the roles of Veterinary Technician, Associate Veterinarian, and now to Co-Chief of Staff at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital. But my story doesn’t stop there! I want to be clear that being a veterinarian is really tough – physically, mentally, emotionally and compassionately. But through it all, VetCor has been there for me in supporting both my team and myself.

They understand and value the wellbeing of their team members. They have been an excellent partnership and a huge support system for the community causes that are important to our practice. They also encourage physical fitness as part of their wellness challenges and rewards program – and me and my team will even do some exercises in between appointments! Who says you can’t do squats while doing a nail trim? The home office team always gets a kick out of seeing photos of us team-building while having fun!

A veterinarian is also a teacher. Believe it or not, we are always teaching… teaching our team, our clients, and even our patients for that matter. I love teaching so much that I was asked to put together the Veterinary Assistant Course at our local college, Ocean County College! It has been four years now, and the folks at VetCor have been instrumental in placing jobs for my students. It is incredibly rewarding being the forefront of a student’s career. I’m also an adjunct professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology for the nursing program. I love showing the students cat and rat dissections!

Another way I get to teach and be creative is by recording videos on pet information and advocacy. I have my own YouTube Channel (The Doctor Christman Show) and my own online variety talk show (“The Adam Christman Show.”) I have also been lucky enough to be on other people’s talk shows, radio shows and webisodes. VetCor has helped brace my opportunities by “liking,” “retweeting,” “sharing” or “subscribing” to all my social media outlets. It’s a nice feeling to know that your company truly values what you do both inside and outside of the exam room.

So you see, there IS more to being a veterinarian – which is glorious in and of itself! I have always believed that if you want something very bad in this life, no one else but yourself will be the one to capture that dream.