VetCor would like to bring your attention to some accomplishments recently achieved by a few of our veterinarians, Dr. Julie Hunt (Hermitage, PA), Dr. Thomas Armitage (Mt. Airy, MD) and Dr. Robert Klostermann (Middleton, WI).

Dr. Hunt was has been honored as a speaker at a national veterinary conference and was awarded the Presidential Service Award for her work in West Africa. Over the last five years, Dr. Hunt has led multiple trips to West Africa to provide charitable veterinary services.  Not only that but, after returning from Africa in 2010, she was chosen to serve on the Board of Directors of Veterinarians Without Borders.  If you'd like to read more about Dr. Hunt's work and view some great photos from her trip please visit Hermitage's Hospital Happenings on their website (

Drs. Armitage and Klostermann both recently became the President Elect of their respective VMA. Dr. Armitage, one of the former owners of Country Veterinary Hospital, has been a long time member and supporter of the Maryland VMA and in June he will move from VP to President of the association.  Dr. Klostermann, the former owner of Middleton Veterinary, has also been a long time member and supporter of his state's VMA.  In October 2011 he will become the President of the Wisconsin VMA.  Both Drs. Armitage and Klostermann will no doubt provide their associations with the excellent leadership and guidance that have made their hospitals so cherished to pets and pet owners in their communities.

Congratulations to Drs. Hunt, Armitage and Klostermann for their ongoing support of the practice of veterinary medicine!  We are very proud to have them, and our many other dedicated veterinarians, as part of the VetCor family.