Dr. Brian Forsgren, Chief of Staff at Gateway Animal Clinic in Cleveland, will be speaking at the AVMA's Annual Convention in Denver. The convention runs from July 25-29, 2014.

Dr. Forsgren's session, "A Key to Practice Success: Appreciating the Intensity of the Human-Animal Bond, will be held on Monday at 9 am in the Mile High Ballroom 3C of the Colorado Convention Center.

Since 1980 Dr. Forsgren's focus has been to provide all pet owners — irrespective of their financial status — access to veterinary care. According to Dr. Forsgren, the veterinary profession should see itself as the ultimate guardian of the integrity of the human-animal bond, the gatekeepers.

Dr. Brian Forsgren with Dog

Because he believes that private practice can be a vital tool for fulfilling society's mandate for the profession, Dr. Forsgren's presentation will provide a number of examples of how a veterinary practice can be developed to serve in a bond-centered fashion within the context of sociological, economic and demographic changes.

Dr. Forgren believes that a veterinary practice should serve as the epicenter for animal welfare and care within the community. To accomplish this, a veterinary practice must recognize the needs of its community.

If a practice envisions itself as the critical player in solving the community's needs, success is the outcome. Success in the context of the veterinary profession includes financial well-being, personal growth and fulfillment, and a sense of ethical integrity.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Empathy vs. Self-interest
  • Expanding one's vision of the epidemiology of community needs
  • Current projected model of an "ideal" practice by the industry
  • The "perfect storm" of our current veterinary culture
  • The self-image and expectation of today's successful practitioner
  • Evidence based medical practice and the Art of Practice
  • Clinical case histories exploring the ideas presented in this discussion