Cologne Animal Hospital and Jennings Veterinarians Join VetCor

VetCor has partnered with two new hospitals, bringing our total number of exceptional veterinary practices to 242 – introducing Cologne Animal Hospital of Cologne, New Jersey, and Jennings Veterinarians of North Vernon, Indiana.

   Cologne Animal Hospital
  Cologne Animal Hospital in Cologne, New Jersey
  Jennings Veterinarians
  Jennings Veterinarians in North Vernon, Indiana
Cologne Animal Hospital's Chief of Staff Dr. James Hagan has owned the practice for over 16 years. The space was originally a bar, and the basement still shows the original rooms built to contain the beer kegs. Today, Cologne Animal Hospital is a trusted choice for pet owners, providing the latest advances in veterinary technology.

Dr. Hagan enjoys practicing all aspects of veterinary medicine, particularly surgery and acupuncture. He joins us with Dr. Joe Pollara, a small and tight-knit team of support staff members, and Hospital Manager Joan, who has been on his team from the beginning.

Jennings Veterinarians was founded in 1955 by Dr. Elrod. Dr. Stephen Sollman and his wife Dr. Patricia Sollman became the sole owners in 2007, and had been partners in the practice since 1982. Over the years, the practice has changed and grown dramatically to adapt to the needs of pets and their owners. Today, it is a mixed-animal practice treating small companion animals and large animals of North Vernon residents.

Drs. Stephen and Patricia are supported by Dr. Kami Simpson, who has been with the practice since 2004, and a team of receptionists, veterinary assistants and registered veterinary technicians that all focus on delivering strong customer service and quality care to their patients.

We are thrilled to partner with two practices that focus on providing quality veterinary medicine, and above all, care and compassion to every patient and client they see. It is our pleasure to welcome Cologne Animal Hospital and Jennings Veterinarians to the VetCor family!